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  1. Oil. Oil prices are a little down compared to earlier in the year. Probably the main reason for a drop in rate.
  2. SafeDinar was out of stock a month ago and I kept checking every morning until more was available and I was able to purchase more. Though with everything happening the way it is now, maybe that has changed.
  3. The positive articles are increasing in volume and becoming more clear in content. Everything we’ve been talking about for years is happening. 💵
  4. Thank you Highlanderdinar. Refreshing worked 👍🏼 Been in this for 13 yrs. Never been more exciting than at this time!
  5. When I go to Chat Logs, I get some sort of error. Started this morning. See image attached
  6. I agree with sonny1! I have been looking to verify this in the mainstream media here in the US. But I realized it is a big holiday weedend and all the lazy journalists are on vacation! We will see this in the mainstream news outlets tomorrow or perhaps later tonight. When you consider the snails pace the Iraqi government operates, things are happening at lightning speed for them! Shouldn't be long now.
  7. The MAJOR PROBLEM with this post is that the title is misleading! Sure it is all warm and fuzzy, I myself have a 3 yr old daughter. But, come on man! This is an investment website where people come to see if the dinar is making progress toward an RV. If you are going to post something like this, give it an accurate title, or prepare to get bashed, HARD!
  8. Love it! Thanks for the good news! Something has got to happen soon.
  9. Does Shell know something we all don't? I hope this all unravels very soon. The month of June is going to be a wild ride!
  10. These type of articles keep us going in circles. I'm sure some big things will happen eventually. . . hopefully as soon as end of June, but time will tell. There are a lot of scenarios, and if we knew for sure which scenario it would be, it wouldn't be a speculative investment.
  11. The last 50+ years of war and strife over Israel is all a prelude to the last great war (Armageddon) in the valley of Megiddo which is appox. 50 miles north of Jerusalem. Several times the valley of Megiddo was the scene of violent and crucial battles during Old Testament times (Judges 5:19; 2 Kings 9:27; 23:29). A great and final conflict taking place just before the second coming of the Lord is called the battle of Armageddon because it will be started in the same locale and will be decisive. John foretells in Revelations 11 of two witnesses (prophets) who will defend Jerusalem during thi
  12. What are you crazy? We can't control our own borders, let alone a war torn country with radical Islam at every side! Polititians are to blame and not the military, but still! How bout lets get our country in order!
  13. I decided to post this because I have noticed an increasing amount of people declaring they are "tired of the wait" or have "lost faith in this investment". I read a lot of posts and comments daily on DV and have seen some wild stuff as have many of you. Let's get right to it. There are 2 kinds of people getting out of this investment: 1. The first category: CALM and QUIET. The reasons for this person jumping off the train are many. Perhaps money is tight and they must sell to feed their families. Maybe they decide a Big Screen TV or a down payment on a car would be a better use of their mone
  14. Terryk is never serious, and never close to accurate. What a bum.
  15. Great post! A lot of people have been looking for definitive proof that the lower denoms are in circulation. It appears this is all the proof one would need. Direct from CBI's website. Doesn't get any better than that! Thanks!
  16. Looks like things are starting to come to the surface. Something will give in this currency war this year IMO. By the way: Found this on Fox News today.
  17. Hope the RV button gets pushed on Sunday! Something's gotta give!
  18. The Iraq Government has just had a huge triumph. It has taken 9 months to get here. I think they will take some time to transition the new cabinet into place and get settled in their offices. They could use a breather for a week or two to get their bearings and get all their ducks in a row before they RV their currency. All that said, things are in place and Shabbs could pull the trigger any day now! We'll see. . .
  19. Iraq: oil production reached 2.5 million barrels per day This number will only go up from here. Oil production is expected to reach 12 million bpd by 2016! No question in my mind they will RV their currency---and soon!
  20. The U.N. Security Council's decision on Wednesday to lift a trio of Saddam Hussein-era sanctions against Iraq, including a ban on acquiring weapons of mass destruction, might send shivers down the spine of anyone fearful that the country could eventually fall back into the hands of another ruthless dictator. But U.S. officials and analysts say the council's actions reflect the progress made in Iraq and, if anything, help prevent a sequel to the Saddam era. "This basically is a recognition by the international community of the efforts and progress that has been made in Iraq up to this point
  21. It seems that too many are too quick to criticize before they fully read and analyze the original post to determine both the message and the intent of the messenger. Although I have only been a member on this site for a little over a month, I have been watching this site for updates for about a year and have been a Dinar Investor since 2007. During the past year I have read virtually all messages posted by Phoenix. I consider him a reliable source of intel. Here are just a few FACTS I have witnessed over the past year: 1. This post is in the RUMOR section. Phoenix has not claimed this post a
  22. Not only do things look positive for an RV soon, but they feel positive to me. The process of the government has been the hold up all along. An RV has been planned all along. Just needed to get some egos organized and now they can pull the trigger any day now!!!
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