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  1. Terry K and I have confirmed from many sources that we have about 739.296Billion Dinar for sale With 73.9 Trillion at our homes we feel will be ok. Thats all we have folks!
  2. Thank you! I posted in off topics. There is a story behind this! just help and share video with others to help this guy get on his feet! Sorry for posting in wrong place!
  3. This was sent to me via email! This guy wants to try to get 10,000,000 Views on this video so he can pitch a company to market his concept and idea! This guy has fallen on hard times like a lot of folks yet he is talented enough to create this! Lets help him out and post and share the video......
  5. This guy is talented! Has anyone ever seen this?!
  6. LOOKs like the MODS are dropping faster than Anthony Weiners Pants ! They must be on Fire island BeachDreaming! Good luck mods see you post rv!
  7. The Only Real Gurus out there are TK his BUTTY BIG "AL" Doopie Okie and Athena and Bond Lady. "Peeps" put together these folks are the reason for the hold up in the RV you see these Gurus hold more than 950 Trillion In Dinar. This has been confirmed from a top level high source that these guys are on the phone with every night! Just saying Folks you heard it from me first "TK" an BIg "AL" are holding out bc they want a rate of $40-$50.00......Please take this as rumor as I await to confirm from a few more sources! ANY questions call BIG "AL" @ 1-900-Nuff-Said........ "Just Saying"!
  8. I currently have aprox 739.71 billion Dinar. Now I will say this folks Im hearing TK and DOPIE Okie have somewhere around 900.735 Trillion dinar folks "Peep"S just saying folks I know "TK" and AL spend a lot of time Pumpin and dumpin hehehehehehe. But I will say this folks they are close! Maybe they will send us a ticket for the post RV party on Fire ISLAND! Just saying foks just saying!
  9. I bought another 785.23 Billion in the last month....Been talking to "AL" and TK a lot these days about old times and all and every once in a while Dopie "Okie" calls us late hours of the night while me and AL talk about the old times and soon to be post RV party. he heheehehe This is confirmed now folks just saying. "Just got some new intel too by the way.....Folks its going down we are there........Guranteed...............on a day that ends in "Y"! Please take all this as rumor have another source calling in right now with "AL"!
  10. I would call TK, "AL" and Doopie OKIE and Athena on this right away! 1-800-NUFF-S.A.ID
  11. DOPEY OKIE AT IT AGAIN! I think its safe to say that this Dope is tied to TK's DNA! Just saying! GO RV!
  12. Its happening right now folks ok ok ok ok. Just got some intel I mean "juice" from a little birdie from the east and little birdie from the west! OMG OMG "Al" ohhh no its happening again omg omg! My pants "AL" where are you I been talking on the phone with AL and boots on the ground and Doppie Okie ok ok ok folks please please do not buy any more dinar based on my intel! OK OKOK folks its happening in my pants with "AL" on a day that ends in "Y"! Just saying folks!
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