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  1. http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/7968521/scooter-and-Scooby Doo
  2. Friends all tried to warn me But I held my head up high All the time they warned me But I only passed them by They all tried to tell me But I guess I didn't care I turned my back and Left them standing there All the burning bridges that have fallen after me All the lonely feelings and the burning memories Everyone I left behind each time I closed the door Burning bridges lost forevermore Joey tried to help me find a job A while ago When I finally got it I didn't want to go The party Mary gave for me When I just walked away Now there's nothing left to say All the burning bridg
  3. Well alrighty then! I can go ahead and kick my boss in his sack and oder up that new Porsche!
  4. Just a thought but maybe a bit more understanding and compassion and a bit less bashing and banning?
  5. Trying to understand your meaning "protray" protray vs portray : Common Errors in English « Back to Common Errors About protray vs portray There are a lot of words in English that begin in “pro-.” This is not one of them. When you make a portrait, you portray someone. Source: http://www.wsu.edu/ portray Meaning(s) * (v) portray in words * (v) make a portrait of * (v) assume or act the character of * (v) represent abstractly, for example in a painting, drawing, or sculpture
  6. Well, it's just THAT kind of attitude that has kept us under the thumbs of the politicians. "always with the negative waves Moriarty"
  7. Now, let's hope that some of our political leaders making a stand and showing some fortitude will finally light a fire under the arse of "we the people" to oust this clown of a leader, Barak Hussein Obama (Barry).!!!!
  8. On another post from Stevethecloser on this subject, it says delta said $3.16. Just sayin
  9. Steve, may I quote your other post on this subject? "Delta just announced on Franks call on Iraqui television he will Rv on June 30,2011 He claims it will between$ .86-$1.30" Now it's claimed to be $3.16?
  10. Just once I'd like to see a video or even a screen capture of one of these TV announcements. Sory to be a doubter but until there is tangible proof, what are our true options? I'd be happy as shiite to get .86 but still, show some proof of such claims.
  11. Here's a youtube of Breitling's take on the Dodd. Worth listening to IMHO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6T1ROA0pRU&feature=player_embedded
  12. I pulled this from Adams chat because it's exactly what I got from the Dodds and, was trying to tell folks in the Phoenix post and in chat. I was met with argument in chat from some that said "post rv", "pre rv", etc. It doesn't matter! If you hold dinar that amounts to $1M or more in post rv value, you meet the qualification set forth in the Dodd.s. I was pretty confident on my understanding of it but am VERY GLAD that Adam reiterated my findings. THANK YOU Adam ! [Adam Montana] there is NOTHING to worry about with this rule [Adam Montana] and I'll explain why [Adam Montana] the law
  13. I've met a few people here at DV that share my interest in self sustained communities and wanted to write this up to see if there are more people interested in such a project, post rv. Let me make it very clear from the beginning that I am NOT looking for monetary investors as post rv, I will have the funding to do this project. What I am looking for are the right people who have the areas of expertise to form a working community that would be seriously interested in such a project. I am exploring several different areas but have been centered on doing this in Belize for several reasons. Be
  14. Please correct me if my thinking on this is wrong. Reading the qualifications, section "1" says we are qualified IF our net worth is in excess of $1M. If we hold 1M dinar and it's revalued worth is $3M to $5M (whatever the rate comes out at), doesn't that automatically make us in possession of well over the minimum $1M in net worth??? IF my thinking is correct, we have nothing to worry about. Section 413(a) of the Act alters the financial qualifications of who can be considered an accredited investor, and thus a qualified as eligible participant (“QEP”). Specifically, the revised accredite
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