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  1. Stetson Wanted to comment on your post earlier today but was not at my computer and in place to do so... but I so get where you are coming from! In June a friend and I drove 25 miles to the closest WF bank small branch... just to open an account with the bare min of $100... While there we spoke to branch manager in private (I explained I worked in Iraq 3 yrs and was invested in the dinar) and without going into all the detailed... we, also, were received and told the same things you were and we were given nos of those in "financial Wealth planners/investors" depts and told how it would all
  2. Not sure how to do the pic thing ... so please badge me... what is this for ?? how do I send a pic and to who... Pic of me or of dinar??? Thanks for all you do!!!
  3. If you read his book,Decision Point, maybe you would have a better understanding....
  4. Well its running on my ticker!!!!!! Just saying!!!
  5. YES YES YES.... THANK YOU... I agree 100%!!!!! Hasn't Wachovia been bought out by Wells Fargo...? Thank you for this!!! Sincerely...
  6. How strange... I was there today (WF) and got a total different response!!! They of course said they aren't doing it now and don't know for sure if they were going to do it ( yeah right)...but she stated "they have been told it was going to happen soon" and then when ask about De le rue machine (this was a smaller WF in smaller town) she proceded to tell me their procedure for cashing in and cordially answered our question... (of course only on the assupmtion if and when they do it... she could not say otherwise yet) now in the pass they always have been very negative(like some people I know)
  7. Sir I worked in Iraq for almost 3 yrs... a year in Baghdad and the rest in Tikrit... I'm just an ordinary lady with kids (SON AND DAUGHTER THAT ARE OFFICERS) in the military so I went to help the military in some small way... by working there making and testing water for military and civillians working there... so I'm no guru, pumper or whatever... but I decide to invest just as I might in a penny stock... when I heard that our president had a law put in place given American Citizens the right to invest in Iraq's progress along with US treasury, wealthy congressmen, ex-presidents, the sec.of
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