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  1. True, true. There are also offices being set up in Iraq for the first time and then probably some others again set up that were suspended due to the Dictator being in power. Go RV!
  2. Hi RockStar... You're at it well again. Obama has definitely signed the release... part of the release docs are to authorize to put IRS offices in Iraq. For those that don't fight IRS Auditors every few months as I do, they may not know there are IRS offices and IRS Agents in all different countries in the World, sniffing around trying to make sure everyone who is a US Citizen is paying their tax on money they make. It also seems that Ch 7 has been lifted from Iraq with the Shell Oil deal being signed, and the UN money being distributed 30 June, these all according to my CPA hubby who
  3. No challenge here. I just don't put up with BS. Most southern women don't.
  4. One more thing.... When you go into the bank... do not go to the Commercial part of the bank, where the tellers are. Ask for the Private Banking Department. That is the key. Blessings from, Lady
  5. Greetings to all... I have watched quietly from afar for many months. My husband is a CPA. I have worked in his practice for many years. We have friends in different places all over the world. Everyone is wondering why it hasn't RV'd. It has RV'd. In Iraq if one tries to revalue it they will have 3 zeros taken off. Not a good investment. There are 3 tiers to this opening up. Tier #1 was the RV for the Corporation of the United States = The Government which includes the current US President and all the former US Presidents. Tier #2 has opened up and gave all the Congress and Sena
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