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  1. I received my temp password this morning from Mr. I and successfully logged in. The system let me change my password. I've tested the change and it seems to work. lone star
  2. I received a new temporary online password from Warka this morning, January 7. I had most recently emailed a request to them on Wednesday, December 30. Of course I made many previous email requests and received no response. The email containing the new password was sent by Mohammad K. Issa. However, the email chain reflects the password was actually forwarded to Issa by Laith Alamir. The only change in my most recent email request was to copy in Laith Alamir as well as Mohammad K. Issa at the following addresses: (Alamir) (Is
  3. This may be a way for them to test the proficiency of the banks at taking in currency, crediting accounts, or exchanging for other notes. I thought I saw a news item not long ago regarding training the banks for taking in notes and authenticating it? The 50 would be a low-stress test given that they are not used much and have such small current value.
  4. I've been on this ride sooooo long and I'd gotten to the point where I refused to even think about a happy dance. However, gotta admit my toes are tapping a little!
  5. What I get out of this is that there is a move afoot to replace lower denominated currency. I don't necessarily believe they are planning to simply replace the damaged denominations currently out there. I certainly wouldn't expect them to just say "Oh, well. We're going to RV the currency so don't worry about those damaged denoms, as we will be coming out with even lower denoms, but with increased value." I think they felt they needed to say something to ease people's frustration. We shall see.
  6. It is worth mentioning that there is a website American trading buying and selling Iraqi dinar since 2004. No kidding! Imagine that! Whatever for? Go RV!!!
  7. Encouraging article. I wonder when they will realize there will always be risks and simply get on with it?
  8. Appears to me they've each finally decided it is in their best interest to get this thing done now that Chapter VII is lifted.
  9. Excellent Yota! Now, let's hope this "student" knows what he's talking about. Go RV! lone star
  10. Thanks Trinity and Zig for all the information on Article 140. So this very significant issue seems to be moving toward resolution along with the HCL. Very good in my book. lone star
  11. First mention I've seen of coin usage. Dunno. The CBI site seems pretty clear that coins were not released. lone star
  12. Didn't take Citibank long, did it. We will start seeing more and more foreign banks and investors tripping all over themselves to finance projects in Iraq now that Chapter VII is lifted. lone star
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