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  1. I too hope this works in getting a new password for my account. I have been trying since August to get a new one. I've emailed all of my Warka contacts that have helped me in the past, but never received any replies. I even sent an email to CBI and never got a reply from them as well.
  2. No. I sent the email several weeks ago and haven't heard back from them.
  3. Well my password expired several months ago and I emailed all of my contacts at Warka Bank for a new password and never got a reply. I included all of my account information including a copy of my passport, bank statement and all of the documents that were used to open the account. Nothing...absouletly reply. When my password expired before, I emailed them and always got a prompt reply. Looks like I lost all my dinars. Anyone else have tha same problem? If you havn't, how did you get it resovled?
  4. I got the message that my account has expired while trying to log into my online account. I've sent several emails to numerous individuals that handle this issue but haven't heard back from anyone. I read here on the forum that there is a form needed to complete to get your account re-activated. When I sent them a request, I attached all the documents, including a copy of my passport that was used to open the account. Does anyone have that form they could post or send to me?
  5. I was hearing the same, so I went into the Talill branch where I have an account and asked the employee about this. He said, and I quote, the Iraqi governement is currently talking about dropping the 3 zeros once the government is straightened out. He said it is most likely to happen and once it does, the currency will go on the IMF and gradually go back up to 3.5 to 1 USD. If this happens as he stated, those of us that planned on making millions off of our investment, will only make about 3 times what they paid for it originally. I was told this on 30 Sept. 2010. This is not a rumor. This is what the bank said.
  6. Mojo You are quite right..I've only posted 3 times. This due to being out on convoys here in Iraq and not having much computer time. It's also because I have just recently joined. You obviously faiel to read how I started my question out...I said it was a rumor and asked if anyone heard of this. I did go to the bank located just outside of my camp (COB Adder Tallil) and tried to use my ATM card which is a Master Card. It seems they failed to activate it prior to giving it to me. I also tried to get my password which I submitted the online application about 1 month ago and they still don't have it. I have to go back again in 1 week to see if it's there and try the card again. Good old Iraq. I'm not going to beat a dead horse, so I'll end it here. BTW This is my fourth(4th) post thank you very much.
  7. I posted this info that I was given on this thread because it is a rumor which I believe that this thread to be. I am an ex-pat working in Iraq, Tallil to be exact and I DO have an account at Warka Bank. I asked the man at the bank and he just grinned. Maybe it was because he didn't fully inderstand what I was asking. There is no proff...just a rumor. The SOFA agreement has stipulations in it that even the company that I work for didn't expect such as the tax on all goods being flown into the country for a foreign company that is now classified as a resident of Iraq. There's nothing about this country that wouldn't surprize me. We gave them everything and now they want more. If it's attached to the's there's. All buildings, towers, runways that were updated and so on. I have several million that I hope will pay off soon and many more that I got for others. All are going to be deposited into my account.
  8. Lates rumor here in Iraq is that the new government will seize all acounts opened by Americans at the Iraqi banks. Anyone here about this?
  9. I have a question for all. If you don't have your dinars in the Warka Bank, how will you get them exchanged into the new currency? Will your old notes still be good when you cash them in? Will they automatically be figured in without the 3 zeros? ( you give them 10,000 note and they give you funds back as if it was a 10 dinar)
  10. Does anyone know anything about Warka Bank and this link? http://www.another site/2007/12/ceo_alwarka_bank_assets_and_sh.html
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