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  1. take a screen shot otherwise you just sound like some bank/forex backsreen BSer that claims they see rates and are full of poo
  2. How is this good??? Coming out with a 50k coin?? We won't get a 1-1 rv but most likely LOP. Help me understand. This news bums me out
  3. He says the champagne is now on ice!!! Wonder if he has his ball park wiener in the microwave too?
  4. Isn't it quite obvious this guy doesn't know anybody or anything other than other gurus that claim they know someone?? "hey guys today is gonna be a great day today were having dinar banker on the call."" by the way I have outstanding news just today they announced at the un at 2:15 that Iraq was to rv today." Well isn't that just pumping peachalicious!!! If your so sure that it was announced and if dinar banker trusts you since you always talk to each other then why is he still selling dinar???? It's because you make commission or get paid something to have him speak on your call with a
  5. A few Questions about the ISX. Is the only way to buy ISX shares is though al warka bank? Where you open an acct tell them what you want then they purchase the stocks??? I'm not to keen on the whole warka thing. My other question is once the ISX goes on the world market for trade what US brokerage firm will let you invest? Like etrade, scottrade?? Or does anyone know what trading company let you say invest in the international markets?
  6. Well with all the years in this investment prior years when Ramadan came no parliament or goi meetings. Nothing happens. They go on vacation.
  7. Oakie is so full of crap! Not hundreds of so called rv intel dates and updates but thousands!!! He's been at it for 4-5 yeas with his belligerent nonsense. I pray for his safety as a human being but I hope is computers are done for and blew away so i don't have ever see his name again! He a pathetic guru who clearly knows nobody and just does this for pure attention because he lacks so much in life!
  8. That kook couldn't catch a wave if his life was on the line. Surfers don't talk like that! He's an idiot. Full of crap!
  9. This whole tier cashout is a bunch of bs. Anybody to believe this is a idiot. Think about it!!!! You think for one sec that only right now "only special people" can cash out... Baloney! If it were true then how come dinar dealers are still selling at $1000 per million dinar avg??? Or better yet if there cashing out now because there so privileged what makes them not able to take that cashout money then by a boat load more dinar for $1,000 a million when your getting 3.42 million dolllars for a thousand bucks spent... Actually in her case alot cheaper since her husband is in Iraq and can buy it
  10. So that article posted only on the arabic side on the CBI site that Delta interpreted is full of sht. He did this about a week ago. Because he claims the CBI is telling the citizens that the currency reform is going to happen and to be prepared. So can you ask your guy what it means to him or her? So is Delta lying?
  11. This is such bs. Go do a forex history search it never shows the rate changing or shall I say drop from $3+ to say .06-10 or whatever these people make up. The only way people may have made money is they were there on the ground and bought it from a money changer because the local economy was scared and kawati people wanted usd. Seriously folks do a search you will never see a drop on the chart overnight! Now if you do a search on IQD you can see the day it dropped. One day it was $3+ the next it was less than a penny
  12. Oh my lord this list is just from the past 4 -5 years. Yes I remember shotgunsussie, clay77, rollsroyce, dr cash-flow, lance, priordinar, ranger77(aka currently phoenix) moneybaggs, and this could go on and on. I've been in this **** way too long and the ole timers like myself know what I'm talking about!
  13. Because we believe there is money to be made or a possibilty from the investment. The point is the people at the branch banking level no nothing about the dinar or shall I say privy to any info. She gets questioned from time to time about it from customers. She has no info or some mysterious back screen she can go look at that the gurus claim. We both look at forums for news and info.
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