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  1. There are people who want to see Iraq fail. A strong unified Iraq is a threat to some interest in the region so they do their best to tear it apart before they become strong in unity. Al-Qaeda the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Sunnis all hate Maliki because he rejects radical Islam and promotes secular government. So most of the calls to remove Malliki come from those affiliated with radical Islam and Al-Qaeda.
  2. I agree sir but I find no humor at all. It is a horrible place that spreads lies and false hope. I know of a man who was so glued to that trash hole he almost lost his wife. He DID lose his house and is now living in a rental. His health is bad and the stress he put his family under because of the so called "Christian" gurus on that site almost drove him insane. Night after night he has been up all night with no sleep knowing his e-mail from recaps was coming because someone at recaps calling the RV while throwing in a few terms like "praise Jesus" "praise god" and other religious
  3. I am so disappointed. I was expecting him to fly in with Okie and be introduced by Frank26 singing his introduction. Then he was going to announce the global reset and the RV of the Iraqi Dinar at 1 dinar worth $37 Oh well.
  4. I know someone who has been warning that right after the RV the middle east will explode in war and Iraq will go into civil war tearing the nation into 3 parts! Sounds like he is right on the money!
  5. Washington responded to the initiative Maliki: ready for direct talks with Iran Baghdad / follow-up file News: The United States, on Friday, ready to hold direct talks with Iran over its nuclear program, in a first reaction step Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, who told her "interesting Iran that the talks", in what was considered a senior official in the program to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons that the Iranians believe in a personal-Maliki can be trusted to send such a message. A spokesman for the U.S. State Department and Patrick Ventral, in a press statement, seen "News", it,
  6. Ok here is the litmus test: If he is a friend and did in fact deposit 50,000,000 IQD and did in fact get 5% of it deposited in his bank account. And if in fact he was told it will RV by the end of Ramadan and if in fact you have IQD...then ask him for a loan. If in fact all of the above is true he would have no problem giving you say $50,000 for 2 weeks. Let him hold dinar as collateral for the short 2 week loan. Ask him. We are waiting.
  7. Mormon are in deep in the IQD. They have many high level government and banking contacts. Mitt Romney...Glen Beck and here is a whole list:
  8. I think we have Sunnis on this forum who post here. Or Al-Qaeda. I hope not Al-Qaeda. Only Sunnis or Al-Qaeda would be so against a Shia in leadership.
  9. Cool. So my guess you wanted to get on the "No Fly List"? Calling for the murder of elected officials on the internet is not the brightest thing one could do ya know.
  10. Ok so my guess is you are a Sunni. Correct? Only the Sunnis and Al-Qaeda have such hatred for the Prime minister of Iraq. I hope your a Sunni because if you are Al-Qaeda this forum is in big trouble.
  11. No...these talks will be with the newly elected president of Iran who wants peace with the US and Israel. Ahmeadinejad leaves office next week.
  12. And that is why you must observe the whole situation. Again...friendly...relaxed...joking atmosphere. One of relaxed unity.
  13. In an aggressive situation that could be the case but the relaxed and friendly smiles on everyone tells a tale of relaxed unity. When reading body language you must observe the whole body...facial expression and eyes. If anything it looks like small talk and jokes at that moment. Notice the smiles of all behind and at the sides...
  14. of unity...kinship...closeness. Good observation.
  15. After 7 pm est right now. No change. So we see this is more TNT bullsh*t
  16. Go to hell you scumbag liberal Go bow to your master Obama and kiss his @ss you scumbag.
  17. Luigi...get all the info you can get together on Terry K and where you got that info and call Wells Fargo and ask for their legal department and ask them. Be sure to have any and all info on TerryK and where you heard this. I am sure the legal department of Wells Fargo bank will be glad you called.
  18. Here we go. Iraq is going full civil war soon. Not....good.
  19. Man o man...I hope someone is held accountable for this fraud. Sorry you are in such trouble but dude...there is no 800 is a lie put out by someone pulling a scam.
  20. He did it appears as well has hundreds of other suckers. I bet some people called out of work today after being up all night. The sad thing is the bullsh*t artist who came up with the lies was sleeping like a baby I bet.
  21. I agree. Yes rumors are one thing but out right lies for profit are criminal. My rule of thumb is that anything posted on recaps is 100% confirmed fiction. I know this but some people do not and it hurts people and families. Sick stuff and hard to watch people destroyed by lies. Hope is one thing but basing hope on fraudulent lies is not hope but deception that leads to harm. Emotional and economic harm;
  22. Wow... People are so desperate. Breaks my heart to see people so taken in by the lies. Luigi I hope things work out for you but you would be better off maybe by not going to sites that spread these lies. IMHO Dinar R ecaps and sites like that should be shut down by the FBI. The damage done to families economically and the stress placed on people with the constant lies is horrible to witness.
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