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  1. it is fun to be young He he he ..... lol
  2. you should take only positive mean. lol
  3. Dear guys, watch this video i found it from youtube Must watch.
  4. thank you for the post i agree that kind of video don't waste time beauses 3+ rate make me happy
  5. keep in mind that dinar is not going to lop.keep ballet tight ridding is going to an end
  6. i donot think that it was my Opinion but i love this rate to cash in
  7. whenever i watch this video i think this man is carzy lol
  8. it is only dinar poll that shows no more hope for its revaluation. But it is not right because some time majority following wrong turn. So keep strong your faith who believes on its revaluation in 1/1/13.
  9. Amazing stuff . thanks for The grate Post ...
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