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  1. Frank is a pot head. Last time I said OKIE was a dipstick, I was - 17 in the first few seconds. People like to follow the fool with the best story. Let the negs begin!!! Draco
  2. Hey Deb! You are still around, good to see a post. I do not post here very often. Just wanted to say hello. I will get fried for just doing that. A couple of years ago I said that I thought Okie was a idiot. In a few seconds I was - 17 times. These folks now rip Okie for fun. Go figure!!! Anyway, good to see you! Take care. Draco
  3. I know where your are coming from. Watched them damn giraffes fight on Discovery. They are mean!!!!!!!!!!! Draco
  4. Now that is HIGH. A giraffe's ass that is.... If this is the RV we have waited so long for, I would be proud to build that scaffold with you. And I will be proud to take that second kiss of said giraffe's back side. Draco
  5. I think the Keystone Cops are way better, it was just make believe. Oh, wait so are the actions of U.S. polititians. Draco
  6. I did see the same thing on another site. No Link Draco
  7. There are no Capital gains, because it does not fall under cap gains. It is ordinary income. Go to tax discussion on the main page, and please read what Exec has posted about this. Take the time for yourself to do it. You make the mistake of not paying what you need to, you will pay in the end. I am not going to advise people anymore about the tax issue. Read what Exec has to say first. Take the time and read it. Then come back and say, Draco he is wrong, you need to read what we have found. And I will. Thanks Draco
  8. That is funny you say that. When I was 12, fishing in Alaska, my Pop made me carry a gun. He wanted me to carry the .44 mag. It scared the hell out of me. So he got me a Ruger Sercurity Six .357 mag. Still have it today. If I knew what I know now, should have went with the .44. Never did see a bear, but I am sure that they did see me. Draco
  9. That was the same with 10mm being a mag round. The CIA was the first to pick them up. But after they used them, some of the weapons frames had cracked. I also read that one of their people had their wrist broke while shooting. So they went to the .40. Who knows. I know one thing for sure, it does not kick like my pop's .44 mag. Blackhawk.
  10. Well my guess was way off. I love my Ruger P89 9mm. But the place I go to renew my CCW said "you have to get something bigger boy" So I bought a Lama 45. To many safes on this gun to make it CCW. I then bought a GLOCK 20C 10mm. Great weapon. Even Uncle Ted loves them. Ammo is high dollar though. Just have to get some 40 dies and reload my own. Thanks. Draco Well, you know what they say, walk tall and carry a big stick. Or, in your case, one that is pointy. Works good for small rodents, and possum! Draco
  11. Thanks, I will. What is your primary weapon? I am guessing GLOCK 40 cal. Draco
  12. Kqrshaw works for me. Not really a switch blade. Just spring assist. Draco
  13. Yes, but a little nonsense now and then, never hurt the wisest men, or women. Draco
  14. SOI, your are so dialed in. That is so freaken funny. Never stop, and never give up. Draco
  15. Possum, you fell off the wagon again? Well have a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe. Remember, 12 hours, bottle to throttle. No drinkin and drivin, ya hear me now? Draco
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