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    Oil falls below $ 80

    No indications of Gas prices going down any time soon in the USA now claiming to be the world's top oil producer. If so, we should work towards not importing Crude Oil from OPEC countries and worry less about their Oil prices being too high. The real truth is what keeps the Petro Dollar alive in return for security /protection to those oil producers in the ME. Looks they are tied at the hips for their own survival but the rest of the world is awakened by that union and working towards other alternatives rather than being held hostage on a sinking ship.
  2. This is like asking someone who has not recovered from a broken leg in accident to get up and run. When foreign powers decide they know what's best in spreading democracy for the rest of the world, we see the negative outcome. Going in almost thirty years with no end in sight, they have attacked, destroyed and occupied these countries. Yet we complain about them wanting loans to rebuild their homes and lives. We would have understood better if the shoe was on the other foot. We wait and wait.
  3. A decision will have to be made sooner than later. Iraq will be forced to use an alternate currency (or their own Dinar) other than the falling USD. In the grand scheme of things, neighboring countries are switching from using the USD as the reserve currency in trading. Iraq will have to man up and decide on a viable currency if it wants to team up with the big players . Adopting status quo is suicide.
  4. Well folks is that a good thing or what. Must be nice paying off all foreign debts and not having a Rothchild's controlled Central Bank in your country. A nation with thirteen times zones and some of the largest resources on the planet, It can only get better. Me thinks.
  5. would we blame their elections on Russian tampering, hope not.
  6. Nothing new here. They're all on the take including those who manufacture and supply these weapons. Main reason why these wars of death and destruction will never end. Man is corrupt in nature putting his selfish motives above all others. The day of atonement is rapidly approaching.

    Iraq Broke...What Must It Do To Get Out Bancruptcy?Iraq

    Right out of the Elites playbook. First they destroy a country then suddenly the IMF shows up giving loans which require austerity measures that must be imposed on the masses. That's how Global populations become enslaved for generations. Sadly some of us fail to see through the charade.
  8. Democracy at best with 14 yrs in the making. Fast forward today, who has gained from all the death and destruction. We are all witnesses to the evil and destructive side of man no matter what ethnic background. All for the greed of money and control of humanity. There is no justice for the living as this world is in turmoil in which the Elite thinks they own the planet. The buck stops when we ALL have to give an account of our time on this Earth and the Material world is no longer. God please restore our sanity, touch our hearts and let your Creation be overwhelmed with Love for one another. Amen.
  9. Spot on Englishman. Having independence from Iraq is just the start of the Kurds problems. They will not stop short of demanding territory from Turkey, Syria and Iran to form their megastan. One can see that this is leading to more wars to come and all supported by the usual suspect nations spreading democracy with bombs away. There will have to be a complete collapse and takeover of at least two surrounding countries in order to get their oil to market or they will be boxed in leading to their demise. My take.
  10. The harsh reality of spreading 'Democracy' to the free world.
  11. Top three suspect countries on the undisclosed list of stored gold are China, India and Russia. The disclosed list is for fodder.
  12. Agree TonyG. I wish more of us in Western countries would wake up and realize our government is not serving the Peoples's interest. The jig is up. Many countries around the world are well aware of those involved in criminality and control by force. The quest for world hegemony is falling apart. As our economies crumble and the people begin to feel the pain, reality of who the real enemies are will be known. By then its too late and these rabid dogs in power will do something very grave to try and subdue the whole world. If there is a Creator Force involved in the Matrix then good will conquer over evil. Those who offend the people will not have a place to hide. The world is in manufactured chaos and as order steps in, this too shall pass. We Must Inspect what We Expect. No longer shall we accept war by deception. Our Leaders must be held accountable.
  13. As long as world nations support these proxy wars for their own financial gains there is no end in sight. The bigger picture is it's big business for the usual suspect nations to supply weapons for these manufactured illegal wars in someone else's country. Who stands to gain from this, all in the name of spreading 'Democracy'. Reality is most Western nations economies would collapse if they were not heavily involved in the illicit arms and drugs trade. Saying we care for those folks as reasons why we are there is outdated. Only when the world is under the full control of those who seek total dominance would there be some stability. The question is when will that ever happen because Man's lust for power and control can never be quenched as proven over time memorial. God help us all .
  14. replacement costs are all on the backs of the tax payers. only if these monies were spent on infrastructure or healthcare. we tend to forget., it's the peoples' money. on a scale of one to ten , how much of that is spent within the country vs free monies given to foreign countries not excluding the costs of illegal wars. if we 'inspect what we expect' the outcome would be different. demand more accountability from our representatives.
  15. Fuzzy math here. 59 tomahawk missiles @ $1.9 mil ea. destroyed over 6 planes. must be really desperate to please the war mongers.

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