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  1. Mailman, in my opinion, is absolutely correct. the mere fact that Abadi the PM has been working WITH, read that, WITH parliament is astounding. the laws that have been on the agenda for parliament coincide with something big about to happen. read them. Investment laws, waiving of taxes/fees for outside companies investing, and most recently, the CBI working with parliament. Maliki has been a thorn for everyone. no one wanted him at the helm because he is corrupt. everyone knows that. and he would steal anything and everything he could if he was in control. that is why the Saudis to
  2. If the Feds have now the authority to pay off debt using foreign currency reserves (hence the debt swap), then would it not seem logical to use dinar once it revalues? it would seem not wise to do it prior to a revalue, but after a revalue. then you would not be using as much of your reserves .. just food for thought here also one other thing... why the interest in using foreign reserves in debt swap now? Unless you are holding something else that no one else knows about...
  3. the article mailman is referring to DID come out a couple of months ago. it was prior to he and I leaving Med's so called site, which now is a graveyard.
  4. it could also mean that they will not remove the 3-zero notes from the current circulation. maybe that they will co-exist with the new denoms for a period of time. we have heard that from them before.
  5. if all of you remember, they always stated that the process to delete the zeros from the currency would be a 2 yr process..hence the ending date of 2015. now, as for the vote, it was the vote on the time period to accept the high zero notes for exchange, because as we know news in Iraq travels at the speed of camel dung. so..yes, the end of the "cycle" is 2015. simply meaning the end of the time period to accept the higher denoms. it is good news folks..
  6. if that were true... 1. many countries that hold the higher denoms will be majorly p-o'd 2. it will not make the paris club very happy 3. it will not help in the overall scheme of global reset.
  7. the main leaders Hakim (Supreme council), Mutlaq (former Deputy PM - Kurds), Najafi (Head of Parliament), Sadr, Allawi, and Maliki are supposed to have a meeting on the security situation tomorrow. Time will tell if maliki shows up, and if they actually agree on something.
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