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  1. "al-Maliki planned to visit Arbil soon" Another stall tactic, as we all know SOON can be anytime from now to eternity!
  2. That can also be popularly translated to "SOON" which we have all come to learn is another excuse for NOT getting "anything" done!
  3. The Arabs always talk in circles! By the end of a statement they contradict what they say at the begining. The main reason nothing moves forward in the Arab countries is because of the centuries old battle between Shites and Sunnis that will never stop fighting over which end of the egg to open! The religious groups cannot compromise and realize that the egg can be opened in the middle and move on!
  4. So what rock did this mouth piece Mahma Kahlil crawl out from under?
  5. From a political point of view the question can only be answered with more questions. Be sure to avoid any direct answer to the question/s by heading off on nebuless misdirected blurb until the problem is flushed from public view! From an immigration point of view do you save a person that has questionable legal status? From a technical point of view, the availabilty of color or black and white film has to be a problem since finding either in todays digital world would likely be as difficult as finding ammunition. From an economics point of view would it be wise to waste a good anchor or find a way to increase water flow? From a photojounalists point of view would it not have more impact to film the event with your iPhone and post it to Facebook? From a rebublican point of view should you throw Pelosi in, just to sweeten the pot? From a democrats point of view who will the "47%" look to if Obama were out of the picture? There can be no simple answer to this situation in todays convoluted world! Thank You Voters!
  6. Just more Arab "Circle Talk"! Sometimes the Arabs just don't make any sense. The Riddler would be proud of these people...
  7. And then it will be the middle of May and then the middle of June and then...
  8. Yeah, why do today what you can postpone indefinatley!
  9. It does not look as if these idiots will ever have a country! Just two religious groups that will continue to slaughter eachother for ever! If they do RV, we better cash out quickly because I don't think they can keep it together any better than the Eqyptians and they will all be out in the streets killing eachother in civil/religious war.
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