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  1. Awesome news Sir Adam !! Thanks and keep it coming, we all need a Great New 2020 !!
  2. Merry Christmas to all Dinar vets thanks for the great info Adam let’s hope this finally comes to pass and after 10 years and beyond ready and let’s hope we do get a dollar because taxes are going to kill us but I’m ready for that Go RV !! And let’s hope those poor people of a Iraq get a much better life they have been screwed over by the government and all these politicians for So too long I pray that they get a much better life !!
  3. Thanks Adam let’s hope they push that Big Red Button 🌈
  4. Thanks for the update Adam !! Let R roll baby we are ready !! Here’s to the first of the year cuz then we won’t have to pay Uncle Sam for a whole year baby !! Put that tax money 💰 to work before ya gotta hand 🤚 it over !! Go RV !!! And yes I’ve been in VIP pretty much since 2010 but it has never shown by my avatar?? Anyone know why ? Thanks
  5. Thanks Boss we are all ready for this thing to POP !!!!!
  6. Many thanks Adam for answering my question , so hoping they are getting closer , positive vibes people and we’re gonna get R done Go RV !!!
  7. Hi Adam and many thanks for all U do , I’m sure this has been asked and answered before , when it comes to HCL how do they sell the oil they are pumping out without having HCL in place ? I. Your last update it does sound promising after all most 9 yrs waiting 🤪 thanks a Million , my best Ron
  8. thanks so much for the update Adam much apricated my man 😉 keep the good news coming too we all need it 😃
  9. Thanks for the report Adam , here’s hoping for very very soon ! Like this next week lol GO RV !!
  10. Yup that do sound a bit 🧐 well we 💭 boy I thought we just got some positive news 🤯 oh ya I got some from them fellas @ Dinar Banker too 😧 ah it’s all money and hopefully very soon we can make that mad rush to da bank and exchange this stuff fer some good ole American dollars 💵, see ya all at the Big Party that Davis is gonna throw , heard about it somewhere a while back 🤔
  11. Thanks for the update Adam , always appreciate your time ! ! Hope all this means this ride is coming to an end🎊🍹
  12. Get-er-done mate !! That's all they gotta do to make lots O people happy 😊 thanks Adam for the update -stay -in positive my friends, man when this thing pops its gonna be one heck of a Christmas and a Happy New Year !! 🎊🎆🎈 I'm ready 🍹
  13. Wow the news was great like I'd hoped for !!! One of the best chats I can remember too , really like it when Adam comes in and picks us all up with the positive vibes !! I'm in my 7th yr myself never thought it would ever take this long and God knows we all need it badly or we wouldn't be here looking, reading praying for that Big Day to get here NOW !!! Thanks a Million Adam 😎
  14. Oh ya hoping for Great news by the way 😉 !!!
  15. Hey Lisa crazy we have the same last name and spelled same too
  16. Thanks Adam always great to hear from you !!!
  17. We are all gonna be winners here real soon Adam!!! We've all been waiting along time here and all deserve a real nice vacation somewhere with warm water and plenty of cold drinks 🍹, I'm ready Freddy 😎
  18. Wow we can only hope we get that lucky $1.20 and run fer the hills people 😆😆😆
  19. Best wishes to U my socal friend , I'm in NorCal myself, had my second and third back surgery in Dec right before Christmas 2011 so I know what your going through so I wish U a speedy recovery and make it back to work or maybe this dinar will hit and take care of us like we deserve, 😎 My best Ron
  20. Ha !! not in our life time bud , would be happy with .50 - .80 now we tired of waitin man , bring it on DWitte U got some pull around here don't cha ? Just kiddin man , love yer posts
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