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  1. Glad to meet you Mattevan. Where were you when you lived in Cheesehead country?? LOL
  2. 20 miles north of green Bay Wisconsin. Go Pack,
  3. Thanks madman. Hope your return trip is safe and relaxing. I guess I have to add that I'm a Packers fan, lol.
  4. This must be how the deficit will be paid off in 3 years. Good luck to all the families with special needs children.
  5. Thanks K98 just bought some. Good to have a place to lurk
  6. I have found the same thing in my area. I live in Wisconsin and NO ONE I have spoken to has the slightest idea about it. I found out from a friend. My husband and I purchased our dinar about a year and a half ago. This last Feb. I spoke to a friend of mine at a bank about it and he told me " If you had told me about this last year I would have chewed you out big time!" I then asked him " OK well why aren't you doing that now??". He just shook his head at me and said he had friends in New York that had just tried talking him into buying. They all work in finances.
  7. Catl6147

    I'm Tired!

    Here... Here... Very well said.
  8. I went to the Green Bay location on the west side of town. On oneida street. You have to open an acctount before they will sell to you.
  9. sounds about right to me. But then i'm just a nobody, LOL.
  10. We all have our trials in life. Its nice when people share, it makes us all feel closer, knowing that there are others out there that care.
  11. Hi Daisy. I am new here also. All my prayers and hopes are with you.
  12. Catl6147


    I get paid on friday at my job, so every other friday is good friday to my coworkers and I lol. I think Sun. I hope
  13. ohhh my. I'll invest too. ))))
  14. I read a post yesterday that had a article attached. It stated that there is a new law that would cost you 30% on an offshore acct. Does anyone else know about this??
  15. From Wisconsin here. Have 3 nephews there right now. We pray every day. Our prayers to the family.
  16. Hello from Door County Wisconsin
  17. Wow, another thing to think about when it does rv. Hopefully our government will do what benefits everyone, not just themselves, if they do hold beaucoup dinars and I'm sure they do.
  18. I'm hangin in there. Life is a gamble after all. Why not take a ride. LOL.
  19. I think if they are selling they didn't have the money to invest to start with. Its not a get rich quick investment. I've read articles that say people have been holding dinar for 5-7 years.
  20. There were rumors that the government wanted to keep all would be investors at the government level. Does anyone know if this was true, and if they really could have pulled it off?? We are new to the currency investing and it gets mor einteresting all the time. Thanks for the info.
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