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  1. like the new heading under the pic. easy
  2. Just to refresh a few on the origins of the revolutionary war.It was the secret meating's of the free- mason's where the over throw of the ruling govment [england].The entire constitution ,bill of right's ,form of government [republic] and most of it's early decisions were formed in secret meeting's of great men.Why all the secracy ,and cloak and dagger james -bond BS.Because the punishment for suggesting treason against the queen or king was death in a horrible public manner .The members of the Free-masons formed our country and most of our country's concepts and design happened there.Jmo
  3. Tiffany 23 made an excelent point. I also think he should be heard ,the issue addressed by congress and the senate! If we can have contientious objectors in a completely voluntary military,because they have the same religious beleif's, as the country's we are currently in conflict with.With nothing more than re-assignment as punishment.Then he should be heard as well.Hopefully others will stand with him who have more clout and as much courage as the staff seargent! Cause that takes SOME BIG COHONESE! :lol: Hope it works out to his satisfaction.At this point we're almost on the election trail.Not sure how it's gonna make a difference now.Obama has already crippled America .Maybe beyond repair financialy! I say good luck to him though he's gonna need it ! Peace
  4. He also probably spankin his monkey quite often after contracting lack of nookie disease! Further complicated by bad health and hygene from over indulgence .
  5. i think mostly above all the credit rating is getting downgraded because the longer we go without economicc recovery the less chance we have of paying it off .By the end of 2012 with the numbers shown on the tv.,even with the debt ceiling raised they will more than likely not be able to make the minimum payment's .Unless God himself step's in and changes our course we will default .The reason ? Well even my 19yr old daughter knows tthe answer! You can't spend more than you make ! IT DOESN'T MATTER WETHER YOUR A CORP. , COUNTRY , OR INDIVIDUAL THERE'S ALWAY'S THE BILL AFTER DINNER! I pray your right though Zantac .however i ,beleive this has been the obama plan from day one.JMO
  6. why do you think. some of theese guy's who are supposed to be invested,sit here and post how it's never going to happen?I mean why would any one take hours out of every day to post some of the stuff they post and chat about? The answer is this post.Some are employed by the us Gov. You have no clue who's on the other end of a communication.Some will say you can trace down posts to an origenator.This is true for honest everday people.But do you really think you could invalidate an NSA/FBI/IRS or homeland security backround cover? I totally agree with tommy boy! I've seen discussions over the last couple of years ,with general or more specific subjects talked about .Then you hear about a leagal investigation or action that coincides with a recent topic. I know a guy who has been with HLS since it got started.The amount of resources used to monitor you comunication's and spending habit's online is extrordinary. You notice in budget talks you don't here them talking About cutting funding for those agency's.,or even how much of the budget is spent on them. have no doubt any one who has graced the www. has been monitored at least once directly or inderectly.The perfect example is the muslem who just got arrested in texas.His first notice was a u-tube vidio and from that point on they new where he was 24/7 guaranteed! Good post and good advice for everyone!
  7. clinton balanced the budget/national deficeipt after reagan, and handed off the ball with a goverment a surplus suposedly.
  8. f*** em hang them all in front of the white house and get a new bunch in there .I'll bet they'll be much more compliant and useful if their betrayal to the public is rewarded with swift justice! If we don't they surley are going to hang us all.
  9. lol well i actually watched the hemp oil vidio.Interesting but has as much to do with the dinar as this post.The Only reason i clicked it is i hate lady gaga! I was hoping to see her fall!
  10. lol. so what was he referencing? the iraqi represenitive didn't get to exited.Not even a smile ! What did they drop? i didn't here chapter 7 nothin!
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