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  1. Did you ever think CNN was in the business of providing real, honest journalism? Thanks to a few brave souls, such as former CNN reporter Amber Lyon, millions of Americans are now learning the truth about the Atlanta-based network founded by globalist billionaire Ted Turner. Once upon a time, Turner was able to create the impression that he genuinely was interested in exposing important real-world news stories from around the globe; CNN had (and some would say, still has) an especially prominent international focus. But as Lyon reveals, this focus, unfortunately, isn’t on providing t
  2. Thank you DM! Don't worry we start fighting back...
  3. The dems and the reps are literally in bed together! Sick freaks, perverts, murderers, human traffickers & pedophiles! Watch here:
  4. Democratic Party.... It is Ebola party and everybody except already infected is running away ...
  5. Thank you so much LGD! Shame on all of you ugly libturds here in DV Forum...!.
  6. Shabi.. seems you lost it.... America is unique in the world thanks to her Constitution. The socialist liberal progressives like you have denied this country its Constitutional guaranteed right to a fair and peaceful transfer of power to the office of president, prevented the rightfully elected president from completing his Constitutionally guaranteed rights and responsibilities to serve and protect and they show no signs of letting up. Therefore, they should be sought out, prosecuted and punished to the fullest possible extent of the law, and to the fullest extent
  7. Some really good news...Trump nominated 11 or 12 judges yesterday. The same caliber as judge Gorsuch too........
  8. Thank the Lord for James Comey for ‘spilling the beans’ and bringing major victory to President Trump and major defeat to the democratic Russian collusion Libel and to the Obama regime of corruption. Thank the Lord for the great vindication of president Trump from any wrongdoing about the false Russia collusion libel and giving President Trump the opportunity to fulfill his great agenda for the American people for a great America! Thank the Lord for James Comey’s admittance of being a leaker and connecting to the crooks of the NY Times for one reason of forcing the nomination of a special pros
  9. DUMBAS DEMS LIBTURDS SHISOFRENIA ABOUT RUSSIA Well Russia is at it again. Here is what they have done so far: Russia made Democrats nominate the only candidate who could lose to Trump. They made Clinton set up her own private unsecured email server. They made her send and receive classified information which they hacked. They made her lie about her email server. They made her destroy 33,000 of those emails. They had Seth Rich murdered because they had all they needed from him. They made Hillarious campaign in Texas and told her it was “in play.” They
  10. Silence from Establishment Media over Seth Rich WikiLeaks Report It is all over the internet. Billions of people know this story by now. Practically all of the America's, all of the EU and former Eastern bloc, a lot of Russia, and a good chunk of China, now know near certain, the Clinton's and the Democrats are murderers. That's billions. You can't whitewash that folks.
  11. From Fox News: The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street last July just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, law enforcement sources told Fox News. A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with Wikileaks through Gavin MacFadyen [pictured: bottom right], a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and dire
  12. WaPo and all libturds media is not good enough to use it as a toilet paper. It's best for birds and guinea pigs cage...
  13. ....or this videos..
  14. Somebody watched this
  15. Did somebody watch this
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