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  1. I sure hope and pray. Man this has gone on way to long.. Thanks Adam.
  2. wood1521

    Adam Montana Weekly 18 May 2016

    thanks adam. i'm just still waiting for it to happen.
  3. wood1521

    Is CBI ready for a rate change?

    man o man. what a bunch.
  4. wood1521

    Happy Happy Happy New Year DV Family

    Happy New Year everyone.
  5. wood1521

    is it true that ...

    we will see.
  6. wood1521

    Federal Charges Brought Against TNT Tony !

    amazing. he does need to do some time.
  7. wood1521

    Been a while. . . A Bank Story

    i miss the old bank spanks.
  8. same crap every year. at the same time of year. yada, yada,
  9. that was so funny. good show. pluses++++++.
  10. That is true. Monday is the 2nd. and for what it is worth. Nobody is cashing in yet. Nobody. Such nonsense.

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