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Marxists and Crony Capitalists Driving the Bus

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As America steadily slides into a surrealistic  world where government agents and politicians can break whatever laws and policies they so desire, and get a pass from prosecution by other government agencies as long as the offender was promoting the approved agenda.

Where everyday Americans are being oppressed more than ever before in our history, forced to submit to the whims of a militarized police force who are openly just revenue agents with guns in your face.

We are being conditioned to the "new" reality, that our spirituality and political ideals make us targets of our new oppressors, and now, the Orwellian "thought police" have a name, that name is Google.

Those that jumped in on the internet in the 90's, with AOL the only access server, were only too happy to get in on one of the small start-ups that soon sprang up, and then came that wonderful search engine.

With Google we were able to explore the universe.

We all spent hours marveling at wonders previously unknown.

And all that time, we helped create the monster this is about to attempt the greatest take over of all time.

I hope it's not too late, but after all the other issues that people had a chance to voice opinion on, and the dismal response, I am worried...JMHO..DM





  Marxists and Crony Capitalists Driving the Information Highway Bus

By the time self-acclaimed whistleblower Edward Snowden blew the cover on the National Security Agency (NSA) forever more known as ‘Spies are Us’, it was already way too late for the privacy of online online private citizens.


Privacy, like commonsense and government altruism, doesn’t live here anymore.

Before NSA, we were already big-time data-based with every nuance and details of our private lives spied upon and standby stored by Google, FaceBook and other unsavory social networks on the take.

Blowback from the Snowden exposed NSA has über dominated the Big Brother spydom we’ve been talking about ever since.  Public outrage was guaranteed mostly because the NSA is a billion dollar government agency.

Little did we know when Snowden dropped his NSA bombshell that the IRS was spying on American citizens too, especially TEA Party members that the current administration regards as “bigoted”,  “bible-thumping””, “racist” dissidents. 

The NSA can only throw public citizen perceived dissidents into a data base and pass on information to other government agencies, like the EPA and IRS who aim to first control,  then shut down all government dissidents.  Problem is the The IRS does not just data base the enemy, they first harass then gauge them right out of business.


Google, FaceBook, et al get cut a break by Internet users because they’re not government agencies, per se.

Try this on for size: Google is a de facto government agency.  As soon as he was elected,  savvy President Barack Obama held his very first formal business meeting with up and coming super stars of the technology world; Google visited the White House 230 times in 2009.

There’s more: 

While the FCC is taking the flak for the recently spawned ‘net neutrality’ that will close off the Information HIghway for millions who will no longer be able to afford access to it, it was really Google who ushered it in.

Up to now during the past seven tumultuous years, it was the government taking on the hypocritical starring role as the Department of Truth.  Now Google will filter all internet news and determine what is truth.

They’re already reformatting their algorithms to reroute the traffic of conservative blogs and websites.  Google net minder Alexa and see how the traffic for online news websites has been in decline for the last six months.

How’s that for not being a government agency?

We all thought that The Information Highway would open up new horizons on the world of communication and in so doing, set us free.  ‘Citizen journalists’ would abound and stop the corruption of Big Government right in its tracks.  With our iphones, ipads, and other fingertip technology, there was no government move that could be made without our being on to it.

Instead the noose has been tightened around our necks and we’ve all been had.  We’ve been lured onto the world web and caught right up in its sticky tentacles.  We’ve been sold out for a few thousand insipid ‘likes’.

We now live in a world where NSA, Google, Facebook and Twitter don’t catch ISIS, they catch us instead.

They effectively cut off the access of the Little Guy, but leave communication open to the terrorists.

While they were making their billions, Google with its $130 billion in assets was working in close tandem with the government in its slick and ongoing propaganda department.

Google operatives, who appear on television shows telling us that robots will do our jobs over the next two decades and do the dog and pony show on coming technology,  played a role in both Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and in Obama’s so-called Arab Spring.

As an unsuspecting technology-driven constituency we helped make it all happen.

The social networks most reliable fans are the millions of 30-something millennials who don’t give a rat’s rear that a combo of Marxists and crony capitalists are now driving the Information Highway bus along a rutted road.

Big Bro hijacked the bus long before Edward Snowden blew the whistle on NSA.

Problem is “the news”  stopped right there and no one is thinking to ask where Big Bro is taking the bus


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You'll get no argument from me. Moreover, I heartily agree with Divemaster's post. The World is in a World of S*^T


Excellent post Divemaster . . . of course you'll probably get negged by the all too common Kool Aid drinking, march in lock step Liberal Zombie for being an alarmist. hater & conspiracy nut. 


Some folks just can't handle the truth, can they ? It destroys the Brainwashed mind, collapsing under the weight of all the lies they've ingested like a sponge.

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NO NEG from me.  I'm just a simple minded gal and I see this happening right before our eyes. 


The rats rear generation better wake up.


Gal's you're right, we have been forewarned... many times.

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Sadly,it appears it is way too late. The U.S. population has been so dumbed down, deceived,and distracted,that we  have no chance to ever recover. Like it or not.

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You'll get no argument from me. 





.. this is the forewarned 'CHAOS' .



 we have been forewarned... 



The U.S. population has been so dumbed down, deceived,and distracted,that we  have no chance to ever recover.



All this just in time for the 2016 run.


the PTB's know they are in a very precarious time, and if they are not careful, all their plans can get destroyed by the wrong puppet.


The GOP is preparing for the Rand Paul announcement on the 7th of this month in Kentucky. He's then hitting the trail at events in New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and Nevada. (These are the 1st 4 primary caucus states).


We have already begun the internal battle. It will be a Jeb Bush/Rand Paul contest for the establishment GOP nomination, with actual Republicans still split between Cruz, Walker, and Carson.


And just to be sure they get all the attention, Google will be hijacking the internet searches. 


If we can get one conservative candidate, we have a chance, but we will be fighting some very formidable forces.

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