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  1. Here's a map showing whats left to finish in Mosul
  2. I think they realize that they wore out the meaning of soon, so, now they have to come out with creative meanings for words that mean lest than soon.
  3. These currency auctions are a burden on my economy. Stop them now, lets move to a letter of credit economy. Go RV 1+...
  4. I really hope this is it. Cuz I have some chunky money that I want to put back into circulation.
  5. Tune into the latest episode of Iraq soap opera. The saga continues revenge of the villain...
  6. This is easy, RV and they can have all of my chunky cash back in circulation. Go RV 1+
  7. I'm tired of all the predictinons of soon soon. I dont need a Mazda, I need a RV that rum rum....LOL...
  8. $1,706 per mill it seems a bit high.
  9. What a waste of my 5 minutes......LOL
  10. Wao....Let it be true....thanks for the info.