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  1. bjdksl

    Adam Montana weekly September 9 2014

  2. I can see the sets of RV rolling in, get ready to paddle your board so that we can catch it !!!!
  3. How about some camel toes
  4. one did not only fly over the coo coo's nest, it crashed landed in it!!!!!
  5. can someone tell what site is "bondlady" on, what is the name of her site?
  6. if the IQD is at a going rate of 1245 to the US dollar, then is it not the time to buy, buy low , sell high is the theme , right?
  7. Alooha PPG, so does this mean that they have made a commitment on the issues of the HCL (oil and Gas Law) and completing the HCL , if this is so , then this is really great news! MAhalo (thank you) for the great post, And its great to see you back .
  8. bjdksl

    BondLady's last post here @ DV10/12/11

    bl, I hate to se you go , but good luck in your endeavor, now that's two down, two good people that left this site. Maybe we should start to check ourselves.
  9. bjdksl

    I cannot confirm this but its sounds GOOD

    THE RV IS IMMINENT, I thought it was always this way, what makes it any different, because to my understanding the RV has always been Imminent.
  10. WOW< very interesting people, this kinda makes more sense then the other rumors, sadly thinking.
  11. bjdksl

    No service to Chat room

    CAn anyone Help me to receive the chat room, I HAVE SIGNED IN, CLICK ON THE ICON OF THE CHAT ROOM, and all I get is an message saying that I need to update my program , which I followed, and had no positive results. All I get is the same message saying ti update my system. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  12. bjdksl


    I was thinking the same thing, so what does it mean?

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