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  1. The bank of Bagdad dosn't show IQD on their currency converter
  2. Dysan.... HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
  3. My first Grandson is due today!
  4. Why do you all have to Bash someone when he is just trying to put some common sense into something that other people are getting so depressed about. I would ban you to if you came on my site and bashed me for no reason! So maybe you can go do something else and leave your comments off the board. You and the rest of us will be better for it. rick11260
  5. oink!Oink!OINK ALREADY! I DIG PIGS!!!!! I wish I could pass that kidney stone got to love the smileys
  6. Why is he pumping his site here? MODS!!>>>>>
  7. I hope the "GURUS" are right this time cuz I am running out of champagne from the last 612 times they have said it was done and that " they are dancing in the streets"! Anybody know where I can pick up some cheap.. no inexpensive bubbly cause I'm going broke buying it? Sorry if I bruised some egos.
  8. rick11260


    My favorite snaction is a frozen broccoli on a stick with horse radish sauce! Mmm...I also like carmeld camel road apples, when they are in season of course. Then again I like.... Sorry I got carried away.
  9. I am living off of SSI disability right now but unfortunatly my wife is living off of OUR business. I put in seven years before becoming disbled and never took a pay chedk. All I got was enough for smokes and gas while she lived high on the hog. I just finaly got to br able to have my disability check instead of it going for rent. I told my wife I have 350K but have a few more than that so she will only know about that when and if it happens. I will put it in a trust and put us on an allowance. She has been a downer about the IQD so I m not going to let her blow it all. I do plan on k
  10. When it says for instance $1 = .0 235 IQD, how do we figure that out. What would the equation look like? Thanks, rick11260
  11. Is this for real or did you wake up when you fell out of bed?
  12. I give it a FIRM maybe............
  13. This absolutely is NOT about race or anything like that. "O" has failed in my eyes due to his lack of experience in dealing with foreign powers. He is a fantastic orator but his speeches won't do what he needs to do and that is stop the spending and raise some of the taxes and get this RV DONE! Just not mine.....
  14. rick11260


    Yesss YESSSs YES! Opps sorry
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