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  1. Hey Adam! I agree Synopsis and Davis, Thanks for all the hard work!! I will ask a question since it is quiet. Are we getting BUZZY yet !!! I know your a packers () fan, but what about MLB? Any favorites? Oh and HOW 'BOUT THEM COWBOYS !
  2. Thanks Thug !!! I agree, but I bet they are looking for him now too. Converts are to be killed according to islam.
  3. Well, I went to the bank yesterday and cashed in. It was a check for a side job that I did. I went by another bank the other day on Sunday afternoon and there were cars parked in the lot. It looked like they were bank repo's. On another serious note, I did go buy a few more dinar the other day at a local currency exchange and was told people are buying and selling about 50/50. Nothing new there. I also noticed that Xchange of America opened two locations in Texas (Arlington and San Antonio). I did find that interesting.
  4. WOW, Luigi. You are on a roll! Another good article and not the guru BS. Thanks !!
  5. Yota, Thanks for all the good articles !!! Boozer, I believe it will go before June 27th. I think 140, HCL and the move to Art 8 will happen in a snap. 1st, look at what parliament is doing now, nothing. The stuff they are meeting on and voting on twice a week is a joke right now for a country about to make this big of a jump. I think they have done all they can right now. 2nd, they are having too many big meetings with IMF and WB happening week after week now. Abadi even said within 2 months. If one looks at a big corporate type move or take over or a big military training operation planned months or years in advance, then you will see the same thing going on here if you read the news. More and more meetings in shorter time as it draws near. Well, that's my . I could be wrong though, after all it is Iraq that we are talking about.
  6. I couldn't agree more DM. Well Said.
  7. Thanks jmartin, it was supposed to be a little sarcastic. Oh how long have we heard that four letter word, SOON. Theseus, I hope you understand what I was doing. When they started saying early 2017, I think everyone was thinking 1st month or 1st quarter. Heck, if it happens before July 1st, it will still be early 2017. I just hope it is SOON ! LOL...
  8. There is that word again...... SOON..!!!! I sure hope it is SOON!!!
  9. WOW, this is a great thread! I too have looked into the Bible Codes and find them quite interesting and do believe that our Almighty GOD could have left messages in the Torah. Let me explain my reasoning. Theseus, I agree with you almost a 100% with your last post. With different types of Bibles and languages there can be different outcomes. But, with the Torah, and code that can come out of that I would be more inclined to really look at and believe. What I have found is the Torah, the five books of Moses, was given to Moses by GOD himself. He was instructed what to write letter for letter. I also understand that when it is copied it can only be copied by a scribe that has had years of training and must be copied exactly. It is for this reason, that I believe there could be codes in the Torah.
  10. Hey Adam, No one has asked yet, and I hope you talk about it, what do you think about this article?
  11. WOW !!!! This is BIG !!! As they say in Iraq, SOON !!!
  12. That special secret place meeting looks good for a special secret Hellfire if Maliki and his goons are there.
  13. I agree. They have done a lot more than what is being reported.
  14. LOL....Thats funny!!! Thanks Moose !!!