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  1. August sounds good to me. Thank you all for sharing. I do know it will happen on his timeline and no other. I too feel the LORD has been opening my eyes to more and more as I ask, but I have not asked about this.
  2. Lol...where do people come up with this ....
  3. Oh no! Adam is starting to act like the Iraqi government! Keeps kicking the can down the road! na, we kiddin ya! I bet he has some good info for us! I will wait patiently as long as it does take a while! go gettem Adam!
  4. There's that word again ! "SOON"
  5. KB, that is why I believe they may have completed a lot of things already. They just are not saying. They way the CBI and IMF, along with the WB, are moving and shaking on things, I just can't imagine the Parliament being so backwards all the time. I think Parliament is stalling. This whole thing has a timetable and when the time is right, "BAM!" it will happen. Look back when Abadi and Jubouri got in, they were moving and shaking things as well. I believe Parliament was meeting daily for a week at a time with no break. Now they meet today, take tomorrow off. They were discussing many great things, everyone was excited. Now, like you said, they are discussing what color of soccer balls to use. Remember how fast their budget got passed? Now they are talking about revising it and they haven't officially opened it I believe. Something is afoot. We just gotta be patient. Its hard to be sometimes, like when you have been away from home for a while and as you are returning, the closer you get, the faster you wanna go. Just my . Now, go get'em!
  6. Amen
  7. That's good nstoolman. i think we should show them how real icbm's work. When do we want to deliver it by air mail?
  8. Wow...that's about right. Been gone for over a month, meet and read a few laws and take a day off. cant these guys work at least two days in a row?....
  9. I agree. And once they are completely out of the picture, it will rise again.
  10. +1 again Laid Back. Lets not forget. There are beginning to be a number of countries congratulating them on their victory over ISIS. So, I am thinking that operation is done except for the cleanup. SOON ! Its gotta be SOON.
  11. There is starting to be a movement to build a wall around Austin ! that way we can keep them contained.
  12. Really? He is some kind of idiot! I don't know how that can be taken out of context. It is pretty clear to me!
  13. I know... I will have to remember the oven comeback. I like that. I love that cat pic. It fits puurrfectly!