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  1. I agree. I really like this article and him flying up to Erbil and meeting the other day. That was big. He is starting to be a mover and a shaker. I hope he can get the job done, and the way he is going, it's gonna get done.
  2. Thanks Moose! There is nothing more precious than the laugh of a small innocent child like that. One cannot help but to laugh with them. It is so catching!
  3. Better watch it Shabs....your gonna move closer to the right...lol... I do agree with you on his articulation. He gave himself a C or C- the other day when asked to grade himself. He said he did not feel he got his point across the way he wanted. I was glad to hear him make it last night though.
  4. Couldn't agree with you more. It was a very good address. Spoken like a true patriot.
  5. and it ends at 1:31am EST. If you did not get to the teller window by that time you missed it. Oh wait, aren't the banks closed at that time? Who dreams up this ?
  6. DOH !!! So does this mean its not true? .... Flash, let us know what you find out !!!
  7. And there is a clean up needed in isle 5.....
  8. LOL....... And that is why DV folks are the BEST !!!
  9. I am not worried about him spending more, especially if he cuts a lot of these liberal programs that have stifled everything in this country. If he doesn't then I will be pissed at him. He has only been in there a month. Give him a year to see what he can accomplish.
  10. I am sure that it is. Signed by all of those crying, I want my mommy, where is my trophy for last place liberals. I would bet half of the signers of that petition didn't vote and are probably not even registered to vote. Just my Shabs! lol... I want you to know Shabs that I am not trying to be mean and nasty to you, but right now I am pissed at all of this cr@p and am just venting...lol... and you are catching it.
  11. Nope...I don't. I do not think he will even come close to spending what the Obummers spent.
  12. uuhhh...because they are from overseas donors? .... lol... I agree with you BJ. I would rather see those records and tax forms and see her put in jail than see DJT's tax returns. Get over it Shabs. If you saw them you would gripe about see them. He is a business man and not one of the political elites. If you were able to see them, you are going to see probably the best use of our failing and fraudulent tax system. One where he uses every loophole possible to keep more of his earned income in a capitalist system. I would be willing to bet he has a large team just for this purpose.
  13. Wow..thanks yota... I see this as a big step forward. Everyone has talked about security, well I see this as part of it. Shabibi coming out now and spilling the beans on Maliki has to mean that the investigation against him is drawing to a close. I believe Shabibi has been afraid to speak out until now. He has been afraid of the power Maliki has had. It seems that the dog Maliki is now toothless and can no longer bite. We are getting close folks. I truly believe that.
  14. I couldn't agree more. It would be cost effective to carry it out after the first appeal fails too. I would give them one appeal, lets not take too long on it, then carry out the sentence. This spending 10-20 years on death row is a bunch of cr@p. Makes you wonder where some of these stories come from.