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  1. Obamacare is a 100% illegal law and was forced down our throats. It should have been thrown out by the Supreme Court. This was a revenue generating bill that started in the senate. By the Constitution, all revenue generating bills are to originate in the House. So, get the wrecking ball out, and get the biggest one you can.
  2. I could not agree more. It’s the same with me.
  3. Welcome to the World Cutie!

  4. Well, I just heard from a super secret source, that was from their cousins, brother, sister-n-law that Abadi would be the one that raises the flag and that starts the money exchanges in Reno at the super secret rate that are showing on the blank back screens at the secret resource centers that have been set up for our exchanges! How long before one of those other gurus use that... Seriously though, I agree with Justin, we are close. Thanks Thug for your hard comical work here! I will buy a ticket too!
  5. You're right, it is not a weapon. But it was designed and made because the government has decided to regulate the manufacture automatic weapons, which I believe is a violation of the Constitution. 2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The Militia is the Citizen. The Militia was made up of farmers, blacksmiths, bakers, cobblers, butchers, just everyday citizens that answered the call to defend their families and homes from tyranny. No part of that has changed today. As a Citizen, I should be able to have the same weaponry to answer that call today. You and your fellow liberals would have us only being able to own an old black powdered rifle or only a bolt action rifle or shotgun. Ask Hitler and Tojo how their bolt action rifles stood up against the advanced weaponry of the M1 Garand we had at the time. If I want an automatic rifle, then I should be able to get one without all of the hassle that there is. If I want a working M1 Abrams tank, then I should be able to have it! I am the militia, here to protect you and all of the people of this great land from tyranny and oppression. We can only do it if we have the same weapons to keep the government in check. Look at Switzerland. Every person capable of serving, does so and is issued an automatic weapon that they keep at home, in their house. Do they have problems? See Shabs, the problem is not the weapons, it's some of the people. I am all for taking weapons away from people that are not mentally competent or that are just plain nut jobs like this guy in Las Vegas. But you may say wait, you can't take them away. Yes you can. The 4th amendment protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. If a case of mental competence is taken before a Grand Jury (Amendment 5) and they decide a trial should go forward, then give them a speedy trial in front of a jury of their peers (Amendment 6). If the jury finds the person is not mentally competent, then seize them or their weapons. If the Constitution is used correctly, it would be for the protection of all people. Let's face it. You know as well as I do that there are people that should be in a mental institution where they could get the help that they need. If a person can be placed in an institution for a period of time and helped, then he will have the opportunity to go back in front of a jury of his peers and show that he is ready to take his place back into society. Why is this not being done? Well, your liberal friends have been releasing them when they shouldn't be. This is a GREAT country that we live in. There is no other place like it in the world and I know some of our European friends here might not understand why we feel so strongly about these issues. It is because they have never lived under a Constitution like what he have. Sadly, a lot of Americans haven't either. They have forgotten all about the Constitution and what it stands for and means because we do not teach it in schools like we once did. If we keep banning things because of knee jerk reactions when a mentally unstable person does something, we will wake up one morning and find out that we have given up everything for our protection, including our freedom.
  6. AMEN ! Could not agree more! People seem to forget. There are 5 basic rights in the first amendment. 1. the right to free speech, 2. the right to free press, 3. the right to free religion (to worship how we choose), 4. the right to PEACEABLY assemble, and 5. the right to petition the government for grievances. The second amendment, which is only one right, is there to protect and ensure the first amendment stays in place.
  7. Anything on Abadi's UN Speach Today?

    Well, Slovenia spoke then Germany went next. Iraq was skipped. So it does look like Abadi is not going to address the UN.
  8. Costello proves to Abbott that 13×7 is 28

    LOL...Thanks Moose!!...What a baseball classic!
  9. Anything on Abadi's UN Speach Today?

    Must have, I will keep watching to hear what he has to say.

    So true!!! Thanks George!
  11. Costello proves to Abbott that 13×7 is 28

    I love watching Abbott & Costello. I could watch them all day. Thanks Moose, made my day! Now, Who's on first?
  12. Anything on Abadi's UN Speach Today?

    Interesting. I was just looking at it and Iraq was not listed. I was looking at the ones who have spoken and went to the other dates just looking around and when I went back to the 21st, Iraq is now listed at 16, just before Germany.
  13. Exactly George. I have taught all my kids the "old ways" to include map reading. I believe its another lost skill. While doing there driving lessons, I made them drive me around using old paper street guide maps. Cant rely on the electronic GPS street guides.
  14. Will Oil Die?

    I firmly believe oil will never die. It is not a "fossil fuel" as they say.

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