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  1. There is starting to be a movement to build a wall around Austin ! that way we can keep them contained.
  2. Really? He is some kind of idiot! I don't know how that can be taken out of context. It is pretty clear to me!
  3. I know... I will have to remember the oven comeback. I like that. I love that cat pic. It fits puurrfectly!
  4. Sure...you can have all you want !! Of course if you go out to West Texas you don't have all the humidity. It's a dry heat. ... I always laugh when I hear that. I don't care where you are.... Hot is Hot! I don't care if it's dry, humid or what. To make you feel better though, with our humidity today, we will have a heat index of 118. That is when it is time to go inside and pop the top on a cold one !
  5. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas-legislature/2017/06/22/california-bans-state-funded-travel-texas-saying-new-adoption-law-anti-lgbt I vote YES !!! Stay there. We don't need that left leaning trash coming to our state. I just wish the left coast would fall into the Pacific. Now, before some get your hackles all up, I know there are a few in Cali that are alright. I suggest getting out while you can. Bring your guns and ammo and we will find a spot for you.
  6. Whew...Thanks George! I thought I was gonna hafta head to the bunker!
  7. No, I think I will hold out for the green dragon, madam wuhoo, Chinese special rate of 30 to 1. Well, isn't that what okie and tnt tony baloney always said we would get? Of course, a 1 to 1 rate might change my mind for sure. I could sure be retired right now and lovin it.
  8. Drunk Viking, thanks for clearing it up. My hats off to you then. Congrats on your retirement. BJ, you bet I would too!! Thanks !
  9. I tend to agree. I hope he did cash out and we will too SOON! But I seem to recall that one, I believe it was "Wife in the Know", something like that, pulled the same stunt a few years ago.
  10. Well, I can think of several. 1. It is June and reserve units may have started annual training. 2. 101st may be getting ready for a deployment. 3. Like Snow said, Korea is about to see the inside of their @ss. 4. Something big is up. I have several friends/co-workers that have been told to be ready for extended deployments. One of them is on C5's. I have a feeling it will be either with ISIS in Syria, or with Korea. If you just search the web and look at whats going on, there seem to be a lot of troop movement all around. That usually is not a good thing. Whatever it is, I just ask the Good LORD to watch over our boys.
  11. Well, sounds like SSDD to me....thanks for clearing that up Drunk_Viking.
  12. I agree...that would be nice right here at the beginning of summer!
  13. And that is why you do not give up your guns. Half of the British police force aren't allowed to carry weapons. I'm sorry, but they brought that upon themselves. Over the years, they have gave up their weapons, allowed these unvetted "immigrants", that want to kill them or not conform to their ways, into their country. Now they are reaping what they have sowed by allowing them to thrive in their country. That same thing is beginning to happen here with the agenda all of these libterds and snowflakes are pushing. It's time to wake up. I agree with a lot of the other post here. It's not being paranoid like I have heard before, but being prepared. When I was in the military and we were deploying to the field, we took everything that we might need, whether it was practical or not. The saying was "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." You only make the mistake one time by not being fully prepared and you pray that one mistake does not cost you dearly.
  14. That's my thinking too.. Yes it was. I may be reading something into it, but that tells me they were just waiting on Iraq to finish something before they went in and released the funds. I just don't see an organization like this going in for a quick five minute meeting and doing something this big without a plan that has been in place.
  15. Good, this country was not founded on Islam.