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  1. Mmmmm...BACON! I hope we are saving the blood to dip our bullets in for the next conflict in the middle east. Let them know that they will be tainted and they will stop the fight.
  2. #800 Alert.

    For people and their doings...well, there just are no words.
  3. I shot my first deer when I was 6. My two boys shot theirs when they were 6. My girl waited till she was 7. Her decision. All of them are pretty darn good shots too. I trained all of them on gun safety first then started on .22's. I also made them shoot and prove marksmanship with open sights before using scopes. All of them love and respect the outdoors. We have days we go out and burn up a ton of ammo just having fun. We shoot everything, rifle, pistol and shotgun. My boys were shooting M1 Garands at 8. They love the rifle. "Laying a path for danger", yep, I guess so, especially if your a 10-point buck, a dove or quail, or well, I will just leave it at that.
  4. I believe they are fed up. Its called this Russian Collusion investigation they have going on. Nothing is there. Time to move on. Quit trying to make cr@p up. He has been doing everything he promised. When was the last time a politician did that. Oh that's right, He is not a politician, he is a business man. MAGA!
  5. Yes it is! More Republicans got out to vote yesterday then Democrats. And Yes you did good by tagging it like you did.
  6. Then he can start by giving a higher rate of return on the dinar! That will build him a strong Iraq. As always, Many Thanks Yota for the info you bring to us!
  7. OK...I agree !!! I wonder how many here know who Festus is? Starting to date ourselves...
  8. Cavalry rides horses...not mules...Scouts Out!
  9. Fiji, Bora Bora...I'm all in. Gimme some of them umbrella drinks on sunny beaches!
  10. Asking for DV Prayer Warriors again

    Tank, My prayers go out for your daughter and you. Please keep us posted.
  11. Well if it takes them as long to film a movie as it does everything else in that country, then it won't hit the screen till around 2041!

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