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  1. Wow..thanks yota... I see this as a big step forward. Everyone has talked about security, well I see this as part of it. Shabibi coming out now and spilling the beans on Maliki has to mean that the investigation against him is drawing to a close. I believe Shabibi has been afraid to speak out until now. He has been afraid of the power Maliki has had. It seems that the dog Maliki is now toothless and can no longer bite. We are getting close folks. I truly believe that.
  2. I couldn't agree more. It would be cost effective to carry it out after the first appeal fails too. I would give them one appeal, lets not take too long on it, then carry out the sentence. This spending 10-20 years on death row is a bunch of cr@p. Makes you wonder where some of these stories come from.
  3. Texstorm...My hat is off to you. Glad to see someones family history close to mine. Theseus.. Some well said points...Thanks...one needs to look at the life span of the greatest civilizations to see where we are at. SocaDinar, thanks for bringing over this from Charlie Daniels. I like him and I think he is a True American. I am afraid he is right on a lot of what he said in this piece. Just look at the news from all angles and see what is going on. This morning I hear that parts of the intelligence community are withholding information from the President because they are afraid he will talk about it. That is ridiculous and wrong. He is the chosen leader of this country. If he wants to talk about it, then so be it. How is he to make informed decisions on the national interests of this country if he does not have all the intel that he needs. One could say that this is the beginning of a coup or maybe look at it that way. I do pray that the people of this country learn from history and do not try to repeat it.
  4. Don't sound brutal at all. Not for what they have done to those that don't follow. I sure hope it is true.
  5. No, but he said they taste like 'Sugar Babies' !
  6. is right. I stopped reading when I saw "NPR reports."
  7. No Shabs, she violated a Senate rule. She was warned and when she did not heed the warning she was punished. I must say, the look on her face was priceless too when they told her. I hope there is more sticking to the rules and taking care of those who don't. There must be consequences for your wrong actions. That my friend, is the American way.
  8. WOW.... “We import all of our corn for movie theatres from the US thanks to the fact that there’s free trade,” Ramirez told Bloomberg. “If that wasn’t the case – if we go to pre-Nafta tariff levels – then it would be cheaper to bring it from Argentina.” Well, I say go to Argentina for your popcorn. You will be back here for it soon. Did anyone else see prices go down for us when NAFTA started? I sure don't remember seeing any.
  9. Didn't Abadi meet with Interpol a while back? I sure like the sound of this. Keep him and try him outside of Iraq, away from the "swamp" and watch the other rats run!
  10. Some very good posts to all here!!! Makes me think America will be GREAT again and I can't wait. For too long I too have been fed up with all of the whining Dem's. I just want to know when the hunting season begins! Some of them need to be mounted on the wall!
  11. Thats my thoughts too. Must be dang hot over there for that to happen !
  12. I agree Texstorm. Only a little more than 24 hours of the Hope and Change that I did not like. Time to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !!!!
  13. Does that mean that Trillion Zim note will be worth $1 Trillion US? Where do these morons come from?
  14. Thanks Again Yota!!! Excellent job my friend! I must say, the way they do business. "Hey, its the start of the new session. OK, everyone is here, lets take a day off!"