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  1. Do you know of any creditable currency exchange companies that will exchange the ones we have?
  2. Give you're worthless currency some value and people will begin to believe in you.
  3. italiancat

    Jubouri press conference

    It's good he is standing up for the Kurds. Too much corruption in that country.
  4. Why don't they simply revalue thier currency and stop asking to borrow money or to be given financial gifts???
  5. Can't you children act with some good sense and behave just once? Sheeezzzzze!!!!
  6. italiancat

    Iraq Is A Success Story !

    They need a little less talk and a lot more action!!!!!
  7. italiancat

    Iraq Is A Success Story !

    Theyneed a little less talk and a lot more action!!!
  8. Why do they all head towards Iran? I wonder...... LOL
  9. Thanks Umb!!! This problem is world wide. Sad .

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