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  1. Judy Lyington? Of course, because she's LYING A TON
  2. climber7

    Argentina currency
  3. climber7

    Ramadan 2018

    Agreed. That has been the thing I hated most about these sites but it seems to have simmered down a bit since I got in in 07. It was more brutal back then
  4. climber7

    Banks and dinar recovery

    BITCOIN Meet the Titans Whether you’re a savvy investor interested in new opportunities or you’ve just heard about digital currencies like the bitcoin and you’re curious to see what they’re about, Titan Bitcoins are the perfect choice. Similar to a gift card, Each Titan Bitcoin is a physical coin with a digital currency (bitcoins) attached to it. What this means for you is that you can get in on the growing bitcoin movement without having to install any software, learn about another technology or pick up any new skills. Click buy and join the bitcoin boom. Every Titan bitcoin features: A beautiful, limited edition design. A unique coin ID, embedded in a security hologram. A unique web page that reports the coin’s current value in real-time. A one-time use redemption code that allows you to transfer the coin’s value anywhere you like, at any time. This means you can spend the coin’s value and keep the coin itself as a collectible. Titan Bitcoins combine the beauty and detailed craftsmanship of traditional, physical money with the cutting-edge value of the world’s foremost digital currency.
  5. climber7

    CBI News 05/14/2018

    When is that deadline? Not doubting you but where is that 'law' written? Thanks for all your input here LB
  6. I read an article this morning stating he will choose Abadi....IF.....Abadi agrees to certain demands Sadr has
  7. climber7

    Somalia Months Away From Having New Currency

    Thanks for this I didn't have time to read everything--does this mention a possible rate change?
  8. I've been seriously giving that some thought also.... Life of freedom for a while, meet people, see the world, help those in need God brings across my path....
  9. climber7


    welcome! might just be the cheapest on the planet at the moment
  10. climber7


    Sorry, my computer got hacked BAD today Can only post link from my phone
  11. climber7

    Help from mods?

    I'm still voting for Davis haha
  12. climber7

    Help from mods?

    It does--thank you!
  13. climber7

    Help from mods?

    Thanks Markinsa This is the first time I've heard of 'hidden topics'--what does this mean and why are some 'hidden'? Thanks for the help
  14. You'll just be able to afford organic hotdogs now haha

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