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  1. Can't believe you called me Ralphie because that is my avatar on Facebook for Christmas! LOL
  2. Just curious..... Does anyone know if Kuwait (or any other country) has had these types of high level meetings right before they RV'd their currencies? I'm thinking that there must have been SOMETHING like this going on before they RV'd but I have no time to research this extensively as my life is incredibly complicated right now and fighting health issues on top of that. If anyone can point to these types of meetings for other countries prior to their RV's it would be greatly appreciate and encouraging. Thanks and a blessed Thanksgiving to all of you here! May God prosper us all soon in these investments.
  3. Iraq-US Banking Summit Breakthrough.

    Thanks Yota-toe chip! 🤣
  4. Iraq-US Banking Summit Breakthrough.

    If this isn't rumor--why isn't this posted in regular news section?
  5. Zimbabwe currency

    I haven't been following this thread or currency Could someone give me the short version of this currency and if you think it's going to rv soon? Any other details would be appreciated. How much is the buying rate for their currency now? Thanks!
  6. Iranian Rial

    Wait isnt this going the wrong way??

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