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  1. I bought another 100k today myself in hoping for much fortune. I don't know if their trying to tell us something or not but with all the banking news in the headlines lately I figured what the heck...flip a coin an hope that one Dinar per share will be worth one USD one day. May I ask where you bought it? Looking for a safe place to buy and sure it's not counterfeit
  2. Iranian Rial

    Could you imagine the 'fallout'?! hahaha
  3. Iranian Rial

  4. Read Between the Liness

    All I can add here is read The Paradigm by Jonathan Cahn Explains in great DETAIL how trump is without ANY doubt.....Trump is God's man for this time and season. Fascinating book....
  5. Wow, just, WOW..... After getting into this investment around 2007 I've read countless articles over the years of country after country loaning (throwing) billions of currency at Iraq. It's absolutely staggering to me and simply cannot get my head around how much money the world has given to them. Does anyone have even a rough idea of how much money has been thrown into Iraq over the last 12 years? As in loans from every entity including forgiven debt?
  6. Are you really studying quantum? If so--I'd like to hear what you've come up with. I've been casually reading it myself for a few years and find it fascinating
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    Tim Horton's........YUMMO!
  8. Alternate CBI site (today)

    Great question Anyone have any thoughts on this? If this is what happened--wouldn't the rate had to have changed on the official CBI site also?
  9. Texas Granny--why won't you let him share it? Many of us have been waiting....
  10. Ya, I don't understand that either
  11. Has anyone figured out if there's a new exchange rate in there somewhere? I'm im process of moving across country so can't research these articles Thanks!
  12. Thanks Yota Sounds interesting--layman terms please anyone?

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