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  1. climber7


    Still interested in buying some?
  2. climber7


    Sorry—can’t copy/paste article Interesting though—seems to be a trend these days 😩 https://www.wral.com/swamped-in-inflation-venezuela-will-cut-five-zeros-from-currency/17774600/
  3. Yota posted this earlier this morning
  4. Iraq invested 24.5 billion what? Dinar? Dollars? I can’t understand any of this..... They beg us—and the world— for billons, then turn around and invest in us. How does that work?!
  5. climber7

    Fox News

    I should be in Guiness for reaching it several times
  6. climber7

    Fox News

    here ya go.... https://www.10news.com/news/video-shows-holy-fire-suspect-talking-to-firefighters
  7. climber7

    Fox News

    Any FOX link to that story so I can check it out please? Thanks!
  8. climber7

    Zimbabwe currency

    Short version please—what does this passing of law by Trump mean, and why was Trump involved in ZIM affairs? Thanks ahead of time....
  9. What pisses me off so much is that the money they just gave to the hammas is OUR MONEY obummer stole from us and delivered on pallets 😡
  10. Interesting—thanks! This quote—4. The time of implementing the project of removing zeroes from national currency needs to be postponed to the time that it will have the highest amount of effectiveness in the country’s economy. If implementation of this project does not occur in the appropriate time and as part of the package for reforming financial and banking system of the country, it will lose part of its effects. ......article was from Jan 2011 Wonder when the ‘right time’ will be?
  11. Thanks Floridian I've read that article several times--in past and today--and not sure exactly where it states that. Maybe I'm just not reading it right? Would you mind greatly maybe copy/pasting the paragraph/wording here for us to examine? Much appreciate your assistance!
  12. I know everyone treats this as fact but I still haven't been able to come up with solid proof we have them in our treasury
  13. climber7

    CBI News 08/05/2018

    Please don’t let Luigi see this 👀😩

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