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  1. nfire

    Adam Montana 16 May 2018

  2. nfire

    Buying 1M dinar

    The full million or more if you would like.
  3. nfire

    Buying 1M dinar

    Am selling some dinar. I am platinum VIP and can have OSI members vouch for me.
  4. nfire

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    Not one person has been as consistent as AM with his free updates. If you have been here since the beginning you have had plenty of time to enjoy the site for free and hopefully seen the value add AM has provided. If you haven't added yourself to his paid groups but want to complain that you've enjoyed 10years of free advice. Hmmmm. Not really feeling sorry for you. If I went to a street musician everyday and sat in front of him and listened, clapped, and made request everyday for 10years then got mad when he didn't have time to play my request and instead focuses on the muscical requests from the people that were throwing a dollar in the hat , that musician would probably run you off by throwing his instruments at your head.
  5. nfire


    Could you consider moving the pictures from the top of the feed on mobile.i do this quite often but the site loads just a little bit behind and when I click on iraq news channel it defaults on the finished load to make it seem as if I clicked the photograph at the top of the site. I know all I have to do is be patient but I forget and have opened the pictures section at least 40times unintentionally. Sorry being picky. Just a suggestion
  6. nfire

    Adam Montana Weekly 28 December 2017

    Yep. I bought mine from Chase bank. If they do arrest me, I'll show them the receipt and sue the mess out of Chase for participating in "terrorism" and it's a win win. Still get RV money. Woohoo!
  7. Wouldn't they cash in for mainly electronic IQD. Negates the buying back for more problem. Especially if they are wanting more people to open and use the banking system. A 1:1 would be decent enough to draw people in. Just say you have a shortage of physical notes and start a bank account but we will give you a 1:1 so the people are happy to exchange it.
  8. nfire

    Float currency

    I like the managed RV. Boom change the rate for daddy.
  9. Boot him. Need some clean rumor section clean up
  10. nfire

    IP ban

    wondering if its Sprint blocking it.
  11. nfire

    IP ban

    Anyone else getting account ban when logging in from U.S.?
  12. I debated investing in 2011 versus increasing an alloted extra money towards dinar vs investing in Bitcoin.
  13. Been feeling the same way. Almost wanting to cash out half my dinar and go deeper into crypto. That same money invested in crypto in 2009 I would make a $3 RV look like pennies

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