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  1. Boot him. Need some clean rumor section clean up
  2. IP ban

    wondering if its Sprint blocking it.
  3. IP ban

    Anyone else getting account ban when logging in from U.S.?
  4. I debated investing in 2011 versus increasing an alloted extra money towards dinar vs investing in Bitcoin.
  5. Been feeling the same way. Almost wanting to cash out half my dinar and go deeper into crypto. That same money invested in crypto in 2009 I would make a $3 RV look like pennies
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Thanks. The mayor told them not to evacuate. Actually a lot of news criticizing Mayor adamently opposed governor Abbott advice to evacuate. Told to shelter in place. National news coverage criticizing actions of Mayor
  7. Adam Montana Weekly 23 August 2017

    So next window of good news is end of September. Hopefully something presses. Losing faith when compared to my cryptocurrency gains. Thank goodness for VIP.
  8. Agree....They could tell me outright they will RV the currency tomorrow morning at 08am, and my response would be... Yah yah yah.....I won't hold my breath. Lol
  9. Adam Montana Weekly 1 Feb 2017

    a little closer everyday
  10. Friday Drive by :)

    Thanks Adam. NPR reported on Mosul this morning. Saying fighting is doing well but slowing down because armored vehicles were getting stuck in the narrow streets becoming easy targets. The families are being held as hostage and those fighters know everyone of their family members and where they live so they are afraid and have little to fight with. ISIS is dwindling and they don't have many fighters left. They are using motorcycles to fire from one location and then back road it to another location to appear to have more fighters than actual. US fighters are moving into the inner city and are only averaging about 4-5 car bomb explosion attempts a day because of low resources. They have captured tons of weapons and resources. Oh yah!
  11. More important how much did you put down on that 4000:1 odds of winning. Been burning me up all day so missed out on that.

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