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  1. rambo12354

    Warka Login

    online banking service dear customer the online banking service is up now , with new securty features for , for more informations please do not hesitate to contact with - -
  2. rambo12354


    IRAQ , US , ROTHCHILDS ,IMF ? I'm so confused CBI set the rates. just saying
  3. My last six post has been post# 60, what's up with that?
  4. Hello Dates of some important Right Issue: We remand you the date of right issue presented to shareholders in the company's capital increase described in the table below: Company Name /code SMRI Ban Bilad Islamc bank / main branch Iraqi Middle East bank /main branch k Name Issue Rate 15% Date of issue rate 23/7/2017 The last date of receiving application for issue rate 6/8/2017 The last date of payment the issue rate 3/8/2017 Best Regards
  5. rambo12354

    Warka Account Holders

    Well interest rates were paid out for the first half of this year. So far it looks like we're at 1.25% on interest. Is this a sign? just saying! The year of 2017.
  6. Dear Investor …. Greetings …. ISX will be closed from June 25, 2017 _ 29, 2017 due to the National Holiday for Eid Al-Fitter, The next session will be held on Sunday July 2, 2017.
  7. Definition of GDR GDR or Global Depository Receipt is a negotiable instrument used to tap the financial markets of various countries with a single instrument. The receipts are issued by the depository bank, in more than one country representing a fixed number of shares in a foreign company. The holders of GDR can convert them into shares by surrendering the receipts to the bank. Prior approval of Ministry of Finance and FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) is taken by the company planning for the issue of GDR. Comparison Chart Basis for Comparison ADR GDR Acronym American Depository Receipt Global Depository Receipt Meaning ADR is a negotiable instrument issued by a US bank, representing non-US company stock, trading in the US stock exchange. GDR is a negotiable instrument issued by the international depository bank, representing foreign company's stock trading globally. Relevance Foreign companies can trade in US stock market. Foreign companies can trade in any country's stock market other than the US stock market. Issued in United States domestic capital market. European capital market. Listed in American Stock Exchange such as NYSE or NASDAQ Non-US Stock Exchange such as London Stock Exchange or Luxemberg Stock Exchange. Negotiation In America only. All over the world. Disclosure Requirement Onerous Less onerous Market Retail investor market Institutional market.
  8. Definition of ADR American Depository Receipt (ADR), is a negotiable certificate, issued by a US bank, denominated in US$ representing securities of a foreign company trading in the United States stock market. The receipts are a claim against the number of shares underlying. ADR’s are offered for sale to American investors. By way of ADR, the US investors can invest in non-US companies. The dividend is paid to the ADR holders, is in US dollars.
  9. Greeting: The Iraq Stock Exchange Forum Recommendations, The Iraqi Stock Exchange organized the second Global Conference for the period 8-9 May 2017 in Beirut under the title of (Iraqi Stock Exchange, Investment Prospects and Trading Technology) within his yearly plan to attract foreign Investments and relation building, To Developing the capital market in Iraq and trading Technology. At the Conclusion of the Conference, The Participants agreed the fallowing recommendation which can be applied according the Iraqi laws. Issuing the new Capital Market Law dependents on the International standard, To Activate the stock market and it`s parts. Attract the Global custodian Bank services with the Iraqi banks cooperation to attract the institutions Investment in the Iraqi shares through ISX. Invite the global banks to issuing the depository receipt to the Iraqi stocks to list them throw the GDR & ADR market systems. Promoting and Marketing the government Bonds which are issued by the central bank of Iraq and list them in the ISX and adopting a marketing plan to marketing the bonds through the ISX. Obligate the listing companies to issue the Finical Statements according to international standard like the banking sector adapting to the rules of Federal board of Supervision audit. Developing the disclosure procedures by the listing companies by paying attention to the investor`s relation's and giving attention for the required information that can be disclosed through the website and adopting media plans to attract investment to the stock market . Developing the Financial companies' law NO. ( 6 ) 2011 through Organize the limitation of the investing in the stocks and increasing the capital of these companies and issuing new instructions to manage there or there investors portfolio's to be as market makers . Support the listed companies to apply the Article (55 / 4) from the Iraqi company's law no. (21) 2004, to develop the mechanisms of building capital through the ISX. Developing the technical cooperate between the ISX and the CBI and Iraqi Banks. Relies the second level of trading system in addition of relies the online trade through 2017. Organize the third forum the ISX in Baghdad in November 2017 to discusses the future plans and evaluate the implementation of this forum, and be sure to organize the future forums in the Global financial centers to attract new foreigner and the situational investments to the ISX .
  10. rambo12354

    New CBI Announcement 04/30/2017

    It doesn't seen like they got away with this defrauding, time will tell. Now what about this gold, how do you get some anybody? just saying!
  11. Holiday: Greetings We want to inform you that the ISX will not be held the trading session tomorrow on 1/5/2017 due to the national Labor Day and the next session will be held on Tuesday 2/5/2017.
  12. قررت الامانة العامة لمجلس الوزراء بان يكون يوم الاحد الموافق 23/4/2017 عطلة رسمية لوجود مناسبة دينية على ان يتم استئناف التداول يوم الاثنين الموافق 24/4/ 2017 . Announcement Greetings We want to inform you that the Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to be Sunday, official holiday for a religious event on 23/4/2017 and the next session will be held on Monday 24/4/2017.
  13. Upcoming event for the ISX. Iraq Stock Exchange Forum - Beirut, Lebanon - 8/9 May 2017 Inbox x Ann Benjamin <> 5:41 AM (8 hours ago) to taha Dear Customer, We want to inform you that the Iraqi stock exchange will organize a forum in Beirut as information below. we want to inform you that Karmal Brokerage will attend the forum, Representing by The CEO of karmal MR. Wassim Jazrawi and Miss Ann Benjamin head of Research & public Relation, to the conference. For more confirmation please contact us to arrange the meeting with our staff. Best regards, Save the Date - Iraq Stock Exchange Forum 8-9 May 2017, Movenpick Hotel, Beirut, Lebanon The Iraq Stock Exchange is organising "Iraq Stock Exchange Forum" in cooperation with Frontier Exchange, a British company with strong expertise in organising financial conferences and events for global stock exchanges. Iraq Stock Exchange Forum is taking place in the luxury Mövenpick Hotel & Resort in Beirut, Lebanon, on the 8th and 9th May. The conference will focus on the current and future investment opportunities within the Iraqi financial markets. Key topics including financial trading, securitisation and technological developments will all be discussed with the goal of facilitating dialogue with global investors. The conference will offer a complete 2-day programme, with presentations by local experts and specialists within the local Iraqi market, as well as expert analysis by international organizations and institutional investors. Iraq Stock Exchange Forum is being held with the support of the Central Bank of Iraq and a number of official organisations, strengthening future investment and development in Iraq. VISIT WEBSITE Why Attend? LEARN Understand and discuss the vision and strategy of the Iraq Securities Market for the coming years BENEFIT Develop relations with senior Iraqi and international government officials and decision-makers Showcase Demonstrate your company's expert products and services through a Keynote Presentation ACCESS Hear from and meet regional capital market leaders, institutional investors, regional and local investment banks through our unique presentation and exhibition format.
  14. Just my opinion but I would go with Al Jazeera, no dought the ISX will explored giving the right stock is pick but your at the beginning its hard to loose.

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