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  1. Hah! I'm up for a DV bash of epic proportions! Bring it!
  2. Thanks for the link shedagal. I read ExecConsult back on the peoples site years ago and had forgotten what he brought to the table. At this point, I'll be glad to be in the position, finally, to have to pay my share of the taxes! Speaking of that 'other' site, anyone know where it went? I just get an error code when I try...
  3. Thanks for the link 10 Years Later. It's good to know wat we'll be paying as soon as thins ride ends.
  4. WHAT!? Liars???? Pumpers?????? I feel so let down and betrayed, lol. It'll happen when/if it happens. In the meantime, we can all watch with amusement while the gurus spew their fictitious "intel". They are good for a laugh now and again.
  5. mlmfan

    Joke ... Rated M for Mature

    Talk about being the butt of a joke........
  6. Don't forget my favorite police quote, "When seconds count, we're just minutes away". I hear people say frequently that there is no need to own guns because we have the cops to protect us. The reality is that we cops are mostly reactionary in relation to these types of crimes we and can seldom be there when you need us.
  7. It is my pleasure to serve, and, truth be told, the job is a hoot! Difficult and dangerous at times, but all in all it is a joy. I'm a local cop who understands that passed laws need to be viewed through the filter of constitutionality. I am a friend, I am an NRA life member and I will quit before I take away a law abiding citizen's arms.
  8. I had not heard this before. But it is true. I hear arguments all the time that the police are here to protect the citizens, so there is no reason for citizens to own guns. Rubbish, I say. Even in areas with exceptional police response times an intruder/rapist/murderer will have ample time to do grave injury well before the police arrive. I love the quote, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away". Oh, in case you wonder, this isn't in any way anti-police. I am a cop.
  9. mlmfan

    Exactly what we were talking about GUN CONTROL!

    A good friend and fellow police officer related this to me... He was sitting in his car near a school Monday, trying to just be visible and maybe allay some of the fears of many of the students. Here is his statement to me of an interaction with a passing motorist... "I had a guy stop and talk to me as I sat in my car by the High School today. He thanked me for being there and I said that I thought police presence might be comforting around the schools right now. What he then said blew me away... He said that, sure, "Sandy Hook might be horrible and all", but he said that, "In the end it was really a good thing". A "GOOD THING", that "MIGHT" be horrible! My God! He said it might make everyone else realize what he already knew, that guns have no place in civilian's hands!" My friends, this is the mind-set we are fighting.
  10. mlmfan

    Taxable event

    Add me to the list of folks who will file my tax return carefully, (consulting with experts and maximizing any legal method available to reduce taxes), pay what is owed and repeatedly give thanks for the opportunity to transform my financial future. I think we are in the majority. If others want to take risks, that is their decision. I wish them well and I will not judge them. In the end, this is a wonderful opportunity for people to make a quantum leap in advancing their material status. The trick is making sure that, before we become millionaires in our bank account, we become millionaires intellectually and spiritually. Best to all, and bring on the dad-gummed RV already! mlm
  11. mlmfan

    Case Scenario: RV 411!

    I view this whole dinar thing as more speculation than investment right now. There is simply no way for we who are not involved with making the RV a reality to predict/guess if, when and at what rate it will happen. There are too many variables when dealing with Iraq and anything in the middle east for me to even consider giving up my job until I see the deposit in my account from Ali. Yes, I really believe it will RV, but it could be years away. What I see with your husband's situation is one reason I feel contempt for those who continually spout off about the imminent RV that they hear about from their vague and undocumented 'intel sources'. There is too much harm that can be done to folks who aren't skeptical enough. I wish you well, and hope for an RV soon. mlmfan
  12. Without a doubt, both can rock out. The difference that I see is that while Waylon plays his guitar well, Mark expresses himself and communicates through his guitar. mlmfan
  13. mlmfan

    Why we shoot deer in the wild?

    "Why we shoot deer in the wild" Thanks for the explanation and the laughs! And here all along I thought people shot deer because okie wasn't available... mlm

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