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  1. Oh come on .30 cent's !!!! After waiting this long, .30 cent's !! They will have to get rid of the US Dollar first, no one will use the Dinar, if the USD has more value... Oh come on Iraq, lets do $1.18.4 to start off with. Done Deal, Here we Go...........
  2. I guess I need to take this Dinar thing, a little more serious. My kids use my Dinar to play Monopoly game. For years now. I've got a lot of it. I gave up on that stuff ALONG TIME AGO........... The dog chewed a lot of it up. They still play with it.... It makes great Monopoly money....... You people are ate up with this crap....... Geeeez.. Get a life........ Iraq ???? Get real.......Geeeezz...
  3. ladyGraceDaddy, you might be right about, Trumpnado !!! Donald has lot's of Dinar, he bought it in 2006, when the printed the new Dinar.... Donald might be the one to HELP get this crap going...... If he want's to get the economy rolling a little better, help these Clowns, get some value to the Dinar. There will be a lot more Millionaires in the USA, if this happen's...... Like me ???? I can't wait to get this crap out of those 2 big safety deposit box's and exchange it for the USD........
  4. You got it right, jeepguy. Everything is corrupt. It's a Big problem over there. But, it's also a problem right here in the Good old USA......!! Go R.V.-- It's gonna be awhile, they really got to do a lot better than there doing..... They still got LOTS of problems.
  5. Well it look's like I'm NOT the only one that think's them Guru's are a bunch of Clown's, want-ta-beez. Get you sum of that.........
  6. Thanks King Bean, I like the way you think..... I got a friend that's fixin to make that website, Look funny.....??
  7. Howd you get out of your cage, Luggy.......??
  8. The truth is, Iraq is far from revaluating there currency. There in no hurry to RV... Iraqi news is horrible, thing's are real bad over there. It's not getting any better.... These Elderly parliament member's are NOT going to change or there culture...... It's just NOT going to change.... Everyone of these Guru Clowns, want to be the first one to acknowledge the RV !!! They will say anything, every day, to be the first one to tell everyone it's happened. They have to be a bunch of children, playing on a comp. I want it to happen, but, they have a lot of law's, stability, ohh the list go
  9. There nothing but Compulsive Liers & ya can't say anything about em on the website. They make up stuff everyday that is NOT true. They know they can get away with it. What a sorry bunch of people, I hope they pay for it someday and rot in jail...... Just down right sick..........??
  10. Can we get the guitar out of the way !! Been lookin at that guitar for years...... just sayin..........
  11. Shut Up Luigi, Get back in your cage..........
  12. Well it won't matter if they RV or Not, with me. My girlfriend caught me again talking to this girl on Facebook. She took my safety deposit box key's out of my safe box and hid-em. I was askin that girl on facebook, if she could stand on her head.. Well that didn't go over to good with my girlfriend I live with, she's pissed. My new name is the F Y, words, (if ya know what I mean), she's pissed.... Anyway, thing's are not going good here in this house, key's to my Dinar are gone, (far as I know she swallowed them), hope not. Last thing I want to do, is play in her ****.....Geeez Obese has
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