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  1. New California

    STATE OF JEFFERSON. Just sayin! FWD GO RV One day closer
  2. CBI News 01/14/2018

    Gold coin prices good for Tuesday 1/16, intresting. ? Seems like nothing will change while bonds are out their. (8% return is nice money ) Do we wait until the middle of march to find out we wait till July. Don't want to sound like a bummer. FWD GO RV One day closer
  3. I think they call them iraqi horses. Camels. Lol(one hump or two) This reminds me of Daja vu all over again. FWD GO RV One day closer
  4. 711FC12D-1740-49B8-81DE-E59D001457D8.jpeg

    Some mornings, I recognize that feeling. FWD GO RV One day closer
  5. Ye haw. If true closer to calling ISIS just a j.v. team. LOL FWD GO RV One day closer
  6. CBI Ranked The Worst In The Middle East & Africa.

    On the bright side of things, they can only go UP!!!!! FWD GO RV One day closer
  7. #800 Released To The Banks...The Ball Is In Their Court.

    Fried Bologna, OhmEye, just sayin. FWD GO RV One day closer
  8. Delta - Breaking Currency Auction News !

    Today on the stk mrkt channel a guy was talking bitcoin said that their will only be 21 million bitcoin ever and about 100,000 people a day are buying in. This guy said the bitcoin could hit a million by 2020/21. Word to the wise bitcoin is based in Kenya and has no real backing. That being said "do you feel lucky" I want a couple and just sit on them. FWD GO RV One day closer
  9. I have been slumming.

    Hey Bac Doc, We will let you speak. Without jealousy. COME ON DOWN. FWD GO RV One day closer
  10. At 50 plus I like the large letters too!!!! FWD GO RV One day closer Thx thugs Hopefully these articles lead to prosperity.
  11. Congradulations Dinarians.

    I was thinking ******. Just sayin FWD GO RV One day closer
  12. Nobody can be surprised it's just their damn way damn it. FWD GO RV One day closer
  13. CBI News 11/06/2017

    Hopefully they can walk around proud of their new strong Dinar and not something that stretches 6 places behind the decimal point. FWD GO RV One day closer

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