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  1. The RV Has Started Out West?

    Just let me know . I'm 2 hours from Reno, ten minutes from firing up the parking lot party. FWD GO RV One day closer
  2. Tillerson: Iranian ‘militias’ must leave Iraq

    Everyone in the sand box gunna play nice together? Is it the no BS leadership going on in America? MERICA FWD GO RV one day closer
  3. ZAP Recieves Intel Directly From China?

    Killer Intel. Lol FWD GO RV
  4. Questions For Adam's Update 10-4-2017

    Hey Adam, I have a couple Q's If the Dinar is on par to King Dollar why do we look at Brent crude prices instead of WTI? While King Dollar was @ 1.03 - 1.05 for a few months can that be considered the 2% spread for 90 days. Trying too look at it different. FWD GO RV On day closer
  5. What is #10 exactly? Dissolve the "war time rate" put in place in 2004? One day closer FWD GO RV
  6. Hey, Where is Luigi? Vacation?

    KB, Can't go wrong with a UNICORN! !!! FWD GO RV
  7. IMG_1715.JPG

    Just when I thought it was Hansel and Gretel. SMH These people breed FWD GO RV
  8. I hope this is all the crazyness I heard would happen before this pops. Crazy crap everywhere. One day closer. FWD GO RV
  9. Show Me The Money.

    Hey Thug, Is that the same Zap that was around 5 or 6 years ago. Same B/S. Lol Imagine that. FWD GO RV
  10. A Giant Screen In The Parliament Square .. Why?

    I'll take knock down force over speed any day. Just sayin. Aim straight Black guns matter FWD GO RV
  11. Thug are we waiting on the 28th now? Lol One week standing on my head, no problem FWD GO RV
  12. Anything on Abadi's UN Speach Today?

    CSPAN ANYONE 11:30 am est. My channel is only showing California liberal racist B/S. FWD GO RV
  13. UST To Give The Green Light?

    That's funny FWD GO RV

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