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  1. What is on for June 14th?
  2. Islandbreeze

    All delegates are FREE rule #38 PAUL WILL WIN

    The more of us that just take a stand and vote for the right person no matter what is being portrayed in main stream media, then it can be done. Great post!
  3. Islandbreeze

    Adam Montana Chat 11-23-2011

    Thanks for info Adam
  4. Great post brother! We all need to realize no matter what spirituality, background, and etc we come from that we use this blessing that is coming and do our part in turning our country back around.
  5. Islandbreeze

    Cashing in in Hawaii

    I am sure that Bank of America and Citibank will cash them in. The Bank of the Orient may as well in Oahu.
  6. Islandbreeze

    Who will move to Hawaii Post RV? (On Topic !!!)

    Never been to those places but lived in Aruba as well. You are right about Hawaii being expensive but Post RV will make a difference!
  7. Islandbreeze

    Who will move to Hawaii Post RV? (On Topic !!!)

    tjfoz, Have been blessed to live on Kauai since 1998. We left for a couple of years but just had to get back. The highway is a 2 lane highway and the speed limit goes from 25 to 50 in different areas on the island. It is a very different type of lifestyle down here. There are very wet areas and very dry areas on all the islands. All of the islands are very unique and offer different aspects. The main thing here is to treat others how you would like to be treated.
  8. Ok here is what I wrote down: The program was called Inside Iraq and the host interviewed Patrick Cockburn that is a journalist from The Independent and Saleh Mutlah. Saleh is outside of Iraq after hearing there was a plot to kill him. He basically said that the political deadlock, the murders and even the issues while the elections were going on are influenced from Iran. Patrick said it was an internal issue. The important thing is that this program Inside Iraq is a continuous program. I will keep watching late at night.
  9. It is 11:20 PST and they are talking about Iraq and Iran right now. They are discussing the issues of the countries. They are talking about the political deadlock and the recent murders.
  10. Islandbreeze

    My Father and The RV

    My prayers are with Daryl as I lost my father in Nov. 09. He was in Korea post war time. I look forward to doing things for the family that would have wanted to see and do for them. GO RV!
  11. I do not know of any dealers that offer this. You can get a cash advance on your credit card at your bank and then use that money to purchase your dinars. Some cards have a limit or a percentage of your balance. Hope this helps.
  12. Islandbreeze


    Thanks for your help KO. Stay safe and God Bless.

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