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  1. I cannot believe all the things that Abadi has achieved in the short time he has been in office. All the time that Malaki was at the top all he did was sack people or jail them (Shabibi) especially !!
  2. thanks yota - there certainly are exciting things happening lately. More has happened with this dinar ride in the last couple of weeks than has happened in all the 10 years I have been on this ride !!!
  3. agree - its great news, and will be interesting to see what Adam says in his chat tomorrow - things are hotting up !!!
  4. wow, this company's head office is just down the road from me in the UK !!
  5. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    I have just found the cbi website with this and I am sure it must be a mistake. The British Pound, Canadian dollar etc are so high. I think they have made mistakes with where they are put the decimal sign !!
  6. I am from the UK and live just a few miles from Manchester - my daughter was at a concert there only a couple of weeks ago. Everyone is stunned and shocked at the death and destruction to happen at a concert where most of the audience are children and teenagers.
  7. wtf !!! well I will be at the "bank" tomorrow - because I work at one !!
  8. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to sell all of my dinar - I have felt for a while that this is not going to happen as everyone expects. IMO, they are going to bring out all new currency and not revalue as we all hoped. As I said this is my opinion - there is too much that needs to happen in Iraq before it is stable. Hope I am wrong but its been a long ride (bought mine in 2005) and I feel its time to get out.
  9. I agree with sandfly. The sanctions were lifted from Iraq (that was the main thing) and the payment to Kuwait now is just a formality
  10. this is one of the reasons why I have mostly 50 note dinars - can't take three zeroes of that. I was never comfortable with a note of 25,000
  11. Parliament meeting postponed till Thursday - lack of quorum - surprise, surprise !!
  12. Steve & The Wife In The Know (Separately) -- 03/07

    I still think that there is alot to happen yet before we see a change in the rate of the dinar. I have never believed that the rate was in the budget. The Iraqi government has to be stable and that could take a while,

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