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  1. I am from the UK and live just a few miles from Manchester - my daughter was at a concert there only a couple of weeks ago. Everyone is stunned and shocked at the death and destruction to happen at a concert where most of the audience are children and teenagers.
  2. its a Bank Holiday in the UK as well
  3. wtf !!! well I will be at the "bank" tomorrow - because I work at one !!
  4. A couple of weeks ago I made the decision to sell all of my dinar - I have felt for a while that this is not going to happen as everyone expects. IMO, they are going to bring out all new currency and not revalue as we all hoped. As I said this is my opinion - there is too much that needs to happen in Iraq before it is stable. Hope I am wrong but its been a long ride (bought mine in 2005) and I feel its time to get out.
  5. I agree with sandfly. The sanctions were lifted from Iraq (that was the main thing) and the payment to Kuwait now is just a formality
  6. this is one of the reasons why I have mostly 50 note dinars - can't take three zeroes of that. I was never comfortable with a note of 25,000
  7. Parliament meeting postponed till Thursday - lack of quorum - surprise, surprise !!
  8. I still think that there is alot to happen yet before we see a change in the rate of the dinar. I have never believed that the rate was in the budget. The Iraqi government has to be stable and that could take a while,
  9. thanks bluebow. I'm from the UK as well - I notice that Halifax bank have taken Iraqi dinar from their travel currency site as well. Its been on there since I started this in 2004.
  10. you don't have to change the currency, just the exchange rate
  11. that's a 10 dinar note
  12. the link is Its the website for the meeting in London 18-19th September
  13. they are talking about the supplementary budget