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BREAKING NEWS: Bomb blast rocks Baghdad

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BREAKING NEWS: Bomb blast rocks Baghdad

28/11/2011 08:21


BAGHDAD, Nov. 28 (AKnews) - A suicide car bomber has killed and injured almost 30 people in northern Baghdad according to an unnamed police source.

The Iraqi health ministry has set the casualty figures at seven killed and 21 injured. The bomber blew up his explosives laden car at the main entrance to the city's Al-Taji jail.

The source told AKnews the terrorist's intention was to break into the prison yard with the vehicle. When this fell through he detonated the charges in the car a the gate. Most of the casualties were members of the security forces operating out of the prison.

Ambulances arrived at the scene as police cordoned off the area. On Thursday a Basra shopping area saw calculated carnage as a series of bombs were set off, timed to inflict the most damage and death. As people rushed to the scene of the first blast the second bomb went off. When security forces arrived the third went off.

Al-Taji prison was the scene of a break out in the spring of this year. On May 20 five members of the Mahdi Army escaped the prison.

In early 2010 control of the jail was handed over to the Iraqi government by U.S. forces.


35 killed, wounded in attack on Taji prison


PUKmedia 28-11-2011 12:24:47

A defense ministry source said that a booby trapped car explosion targeted Monday , the front gate of Taji prison in northern Baghdad .

At least 15 persons were killed, 20 others wounded in the blast, the source in a statement to PUKmedia said.

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People talk about an Iranian invasion not going to happen because the Troops are in Kuwait and that's almost certainly true but that was never the main threat to Iraq anyway, this is! I hope I'm wrong but I think we are going to see an "Iraqi spring" when the insurgents come out of hiding when they no longer have the U.S. and British Troops to fear. These guys were beaten but not eliminated and they just went into hiding while awaiting the scheduled withdrawal of the troops, they have almost certainly spent this time planing, arming and recruiting more idiots to fight for their cause. Iran may not be a direct threat but they are training and arming these guys and there should be no doubt about that, Al-Sadre returned from Iran a few weeks ago from several months of "studying" there according to the news reports and we can only imagine just what it is he was "studying"! I can't help but believe that things are about to get really nasty over there because it's just too hard to believe that all those rats that went into hiding have just settled down and are now trying to lead quite productive lives. It took not only a coalition of thousands of troops and many Millions of Dollars in equipment but also the addition of 20,000 more troops and the equipment to support them to put down the last insurgency so how can we expect Iraqi security forces to handle them? If the insurgency reaches the point it was just before the "surge" then it's going to take a full blown re-deployment of forces to stop them and the big question is will that happen? It would be extremely expensive to an already strained U.S. economy and very unpopular with voters in an election year, this is looking more and more like the withdrawal from Vietnam back in the 70's.

Iran does not have to cross borders to take over.

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So many people think that when the military leave they will see an RV which sorry to say i think it will be the other way around plus i have said many times that there is way to many problems in Iraq which is made up mostly shite which that is what Iran is also and there is no reason for Iraq to RV there money when they have so many companies coming in to build and what ever to even care what the world wants for any RV now or in the near future !! Now you all know that Iraq wants us out of there country ,,, Ask your self the real question ,,WHY ?????

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