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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

CBI updated Sunday 10th 2011


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lets hope it RV's soon, in my opinion which is just that, even if the dinar were to RV today i wouldnt think you would see it on the CBI website until it goes live on forex, because it would mean the public could see what the rate was going to be, then go out and buy dinar at the normal price as it wouldnt be live on forex for another 12 hours which means many of us would be scrambbling to buy now, knowing it would change tonight, this is only a thought :)

Just think hahaha knowing the rate before it goes live, DV wouldnt be empty while we all run to the exchanges :P

:o I meant to say DV would be empty :lol:

Correct me if im wrong but i have heard the CBI will have a new website, so i would imagine this would be launched with the new rate at the same time as it goes live on forex, wh :) ether that is today or in the next few weeks

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CBI is going global. The ID will become a world tradable currency once FOREX begins trading, with or without LOP or RV. That could still come latter once the foundation is built to trade internationally. This could happen within weeks. This baby is ready to pop. Gives us time to purchase more ID.

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