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  1. Wow how can you take someone serious with that kind of voice
  2. Maliki met with china today.. I know one thing CHINA will never forget Pearl Harbor
  3. US dollar USD 1170.000 1168.000 ROFL NO RV ON MONDAY GURUS FAILLLL
  4. 1 IQD = 0.0009 USD Mid Market Rates¹ Last Updated: 18/07/2011 @ 10:10 (Syd) Already monday some other countries same ole rate(
  5. Aswat Al Iraq / Politics , Baghdad Al-Iraqiya Coalition says it shall have different attitude if the Arbil Agreement won’t be settled within 2 weeks 7/14/2011 4:12 PM BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Legislature of al-Iraqiya Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, Nahida al-Dainy, has said on Thursday that her Coalition “shall have a different attitude if the Arbil Agreement won’t be settled within two weeks from now.” Dainy told Aswat al-Iraq news agency that her Coalition had discussed on Wednesday the agreements with the State of Law Coalition, led by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the recent meeting at the residence of Iraq’s President Jalal Talabani. “Wednesday meeting had been one of the most important meetings by al-Iraqiya Coalition, aimed at discussing the recent developments, among its leaders,” Dainy said, adding that the meeting had discussed the current political situation and al-Iraqiya’s position, as well as the agreements with the State of Law and the meeting of the leaders of the political forces, held in President Talabani’s residence. Iraq’s political leaders had met last Saturday, July 9th, at the residence of the Iraqi President, in a step to settle the differences among the political forces, most outstanding of which are al-Iraqiya and the State of Law Coalitions, and the most outstanding results of the meeting had been the assignment of the negotiation committees to resume their activity, with the extension of their authorities, in order to enable them to present their proposals within two weeks. Dainy has also demanded the political blocs “to settle the issue of Arbil Agreement within the next two weeks, or else her al-Iraqiya Coalition would have another position towards the political process.” As regards to the American troops withdrawal from Iraq, and whether the topic was discussed in the said meeting, Dainy said: “The issue of the American withdrawal was not settled by al-Iraqiya Coalition, due to the unclear attitude within the Coalition itself,” pointing out that the “position of al-Iraqiya towards the American withdrawal won’t be different from the position of other blocs.” Noteworthy is that a meeting was held on Wednesday, attended by al-Iraqiya Coalition’s Leader, Iyad Allawi, Iraq’s Vice-President, Tareq al-Hashimy, along with other Leading Members of al-Iraqiya, with the presence of all its 91 Parliament Members, in which the recent political developments have been discussed. SKH (FT)
  6. Found the negative button. thanks
  7. Pumper or not. Its not gonna make me buy anymore as i maxed out my limit
  8. Why you posting old news from another site!.com
  9.,,id=236526,00.html Nothing special just another day for them. IR-2011-19, Feb. 23, 2011 WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service announced today that nearly 100 IRS offices will be open on Saturday, Feb. 26, and Saturday, March 26, to help taxpayers. The location of participating offices is listed on
  10. Working again 1 United States Dollar (USD) = 1169 Iraqi Dinar (IQD)
  11. 7-8-2011 Guru Breitling What are we looking for in the future? **Seated Security Ministers **Complete, Full Government **Also, we need to watch laws being passed on currency or exchange laws They have talked about the banks changing how they will be functioning...Nothing but good news is coming out of Iraq, follow the money!!!!!! The world is setting up shop in Iraq and your sitting on the currency. Well played! 7-8-2011 Guru Bluwolf all banks waited in last night to the late hours of yesterday for the outcome or instructions for your cashin procedures, actualy till 10 pm pacific. Please let me state that the rate is lockin on all high excutive screens at a very high rate so rest asure it is done. But...they got info that their was a impace between your president and congress and he did not sign off on your 15% tax bill also he has until aug. 2 to veto this 7-8-2011 Guru Delta Iraq is saying they’re out of Chapter 7. To go cannot have recognized currency until you change the value of the currency... trying to hook up all the computers systems to be 100% linked inside and outside of Iraq...was one of the delays...Today’s announcement about 20 banks...started the new ACH system...looks like they’re ready to do it...The value has to go up...Time for Shabibi to do it. We don’t know the date or the rate but there’s a good chance that they might do that before the 14th. 7-8-2011 Guru Okie_Oil_Man As of yesterday Kuwait ran out of dinar. Yesterday in Australia there were several Banks wanting to purchase dinar at in Iraq our contractors were paid at 5.25 today. One of the big 4 banks was offering 3.22 to dinar holders to cash in. They wanted everything you had at 3.22. The UST and the IRS will be setting up offices around the US that will be opened by the 16th. When you cash in with the UST or the IRS you will be put on a don't audit list...are going to pay a higher rate than the banks are. 7-8-2011 Guru Poppy2 I heard back from this very strong Treasury contact... There are only about 7 or 8 people in the US who know what this rate is going to have all heard about the pinging at the banks...It started at a low rate and it is risings. It stays in a place for a while and then it moves up. It is a new system...when they all hit with the same number it will lock in at that point. This is the first time in history that this program has been used. It's in the system. It's can cut any time day or night. This treasury connection said that anytime this thing is implemented and it hits it will be global and it will be all at the same time. She's going to kick in here and surprise us all when we least expect it. 7-8-2011 Guru Kaperoni from a contact who is in Iraq, the bank mgr today for the first time acknowledged that it’s going to happen just didn’t have a time frame for me. “I’ve seen the delivery of and the final resting place of the smaller denoms but the ARMY Finance apparently is under a shut the hell up order" “The ATM’s are up and running but no smallers are inside yet” “It’s headed in the right direction for sure” the article today about implimenting tariffs mid July also works in our favor...30+ articles in late June telling Iraqis they are done and ready...seems good the rv is near
  12. Makemerich thats not what i heard 1.OKAY I CANNOT HEAR ANYONE---LINE IS EMPTY OF VOICES They are back. Iraq has been ready. Iraq has not been the problem. The delay has been within the US. The IAE, Treasury. he confirmed that everything is in place. Everything has been done and is ready 2. Okie I want to bring this to everybody. has a new dinar blog 3. Tone down to friends, neighbors and others about talking about what you are about to come into. You might have some really bad people putting the spot light on you. Along with being excited and thankful or this blessing. We must be careful not to endanger ourselves and our families. Be smart, be careful, and increase your situation awareness. Like i said LOL
  13. 1.. Just waiting for Us treasury,................. Heard that before 2... He announced his new website.. Thats the big news..... 3... Watch who you tell when you are rich..... That is what the call was about LOL
  14. It makes sense now.. All of his intels 2. A migrant agricultural worker from Oklahoma, who had been forced to leave during the Depression of the 1930s
  15. dinar much easier dinarthug then copying and pasting everyday
  16. Guru check.mate LMAO. He repeats everything dan and tony says and post on dina guru pretend its his intel . LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooo
  17. They been drinking champagne since the day people started paying 15 bucks for the new website = $75,000
  18. OKIE pls shut down your website. It will be one less liar we have to deal with..
  19. Did any of you hear the intel of the C17 planes flying into Iraq loaded with Dinar I honestly think the tier 1 and 2 are real.. They cashed out the high government people with the 25k notes and 5k.. They prob told them in couple days it will be useless so there is no double dipping but they dont announce to us regular people so they still make millions of dollars from us buying the 25k and 5k useless notes. and someones post about it would be waste of money making dinar. Not true.. Its like going to a casino and stealing a 100 dollar chip.. When u walk out the casino its only worth $1 to 2 dollar since thats how much it cost to make so usually they dont charge you with a felony.
  20. Tier 1 people is getting rid of there 25k and 5k notes while you and me have to wait and wait. Then when the so called tier 1 and 2 are done. The big notes will become useless for us.
  21. Yup i thought about that many times already. Im glad i wasnt the only one thinking that too. and btw Tony the so called guru is african american so who says only white people lie? and it makes sense if the tier 1 and 2 is true.. Tier 1 people is getting rid of there 25k and 5k notes while you and me have to wait and wait. Then when the so called tier 1 and 2 are done. The big notes will become useless for us.
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