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Reports of New Fake Dinars in Circulation


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Reports of New Fake Dinars in Circulation

Posted on 29 June 2011. Tags: Corruption, counterfeiting, IQD, iraqi dinar

On Wednesday a number of currency dealers in southern Iraq’s Nassirya City reported the spread of a new counterfeit 10,000-dinar notes, according to Aswat al-Iraq.

“We have noticed the existence of a false 25,000-dinar currency in the market, being cautious against it, but a new false 10,000-dinar note, with a very close print to the original currency, had been spread last week,” a shop-keeper told the news agency, saying that “this is a very serious matter and the government must stop it in every possible means.”

A petrol filling station worker said that the “number of cars trying to fill petrol in his filling station was huge, and he and his colleagues can’t easily differentiate between real and false currencies.”

Iraq Business News has also received unconfirmed reports that a judge in the Mosul area has been arrested for possession of fake Iraqi dinars.

The reports come just days after Iraq’s Central Bank announced that it would redenominate its currency.

(Source: Aswat al-Iraq)

This is just an FYI to anyone looking to purchase dinar now that the demand has spiked, "Caveat emptor-to the buyer beware" !!!

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This may be another false story that they have decided to put out, maybe just before RV :blink: hoping to put off any more investers, or even just to put people off the trail of an inpending RV, sounds to me like the normal iraq Propaganda that would be expected around an important time

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oh oh here we go something for the guru's to spin that is delaying the rv...... i can see okie's next post .... hello to everyone and ships at see'' many of you may have seen the article talking about counterfeit money , now because of this the rv is delayed until such and such a date in order for the CBI to clairify blah blah blah ...

I can see it now ,,


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