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  1. Everyone, for your own sanity's sake, please understand that a directly translated article from Iraq that contains the word NEXT is actually THIS. I know this can be confusing, but those of use that have been in this investment for a while also understand the problems with translations between the two languages. The article at the begining of this thread is actually VERY good news for us! GR
  2. I concur, the link provided has nothing to do with what was allegedly spoken by Shabs. I'm still positive about this investment! GR
  3. Does Shabibi know about this info? I'm sure glad we have the very positive news coming out of the Iraqi media. just another bank opinion, not reality. GR
  4. This artical is several days old. Thanks anyway.
  5. The economic expert said that the inflation will fall during the coming period as a result of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, which fell long ago, and now almost returned to its price, they followed the differences between the Iraqi exchange rate will be lower rates of inflation in the Iraqi economy. OK... Here is my take on what they are saying: Their inflation problem will FALL the next "period" (Few months) because of the "echange Rate" (is expected to increase), which it has lost it's value many years ago, and now almost returned to it's price (soon to have value once again). GO RV!! =GR
  6. Smoke and Mirrors my friends, Smoke and Mirrors! These are articles similar to what was pushed out prior to the Kuwait RV. It's coming!
  7. I have good friends of mine in serving in Iraq and there is NO evidence that supports this rumor. He states there has been NO disruptions and any of the media nor any particular communications infrastructure's. This is a false rumor folks. GO RV!!!
  8. RV! Not LOP! Don't listen to the self proclaimed "know it all" pushing the LOP. The RV is coming soon!!
  9. You are incorrect, period. I don't get my facts from forums Keep, Just the REAL news streaming out of Iraq many of which are posted on this sites News from Iraq forum. I will believe the News from Iraq over your opinion any day. You need to educate yourself, if in fact you are truly interested in doing so. You can choose to ignore the REAL news from Iraq and wallow in your misinformed LOPness, that is your choice. I for one seek the factual truths and the truth will set you free. Nuff said. GO RV!!!!!!!
  10. You are correct, it is an RV which will take place. Keep has been clinging to and pumping the same 2 or 3 articles of incorrect and irrelavent information for month now. Keep obviously is not reading the dozens of RV supporting articles that have been streaming from Iraq the past several months. I beleive in reading only current Iraqi policy and news genuine Iraqi news articles to gain the true direction of this investment. The articles Keep lists are the same articles he has been listing for many months now and he doesn't seem to be interested in looking at anything else. Oh well... I digress...
  11. Sorry Keep. You are wrong. As I mentioned before, you will be proven wrong in the end. I cannot beleive you have the blinders on still. I guess you'll be disappointed when you find out it RV's. I personally know an Iraqi native that also agrees that this is an RV and not a LOP. You are misleading people here, due to your lack of research and/or lack of being able to correctly intemperate the news that has been streaming from Iraq. You are titled to your own opinion and I respect that, but I have done my research and it is all FACT straight from Iraq. Nothing "misconstrued", just REAL facts. You are doing a disservice to those on this forum pumping your incorrect LOP cr*p for the past 6 months. Why are you still frequenting this forum if you believe in your LOP?? If you believe you will not make any money on this investment, then why hang around here??? To spread your LOPness? Get with it bro and at least educate yourself. Nuff Said.
  12. There are dozens of articles in the Iraq News forums. I would encourage everyone to go and read the REAL news coming out of Iraq. GR
  13. WOW... Keep, t's obvious that you have not been following the Iraqi news these past few months!! Shabibi (Gov. of CBI) in many past articles has revealed that "removing the 000's" is referring to the process of taking the 10k, 25k out of the public's hand. Shabibi has also made it clear that this will be a "slow process" and will take a couple years to accomplish. During this time, Shabibi states the "two currencies" (new lower denom's and existing large notes) will coexist. Shabibi has also stated that during this time "the dinar will once again have VALUE and will be powerful". Folks, this IS a RV NOT a LOP as Keepmwlknfny keeps pushing out there as fact. I have been only been following REAL Iraqi news these past few months and NOT rumors or opinions. For those of you who know me, I keep it REAL and follow only REAL facts coming out of Iraq. I digress... GR
  14. I take it GasketMan hasn't been reading the news articles comeing out of the Iraqi media lately. All the articles state that Shabibi is planning to "increase the value of the Dinar and make it powerful". GasketMan, if you go to the Iraqi news media sites daily (obviously translate it), you will fined your reputable source to be not so reputable.
  15. This article was already posted under a different heading two days ago. This article came out in the Iraqi Media on Friday the 15th.
  16. Heard this news this morning. Actually it's more propaganda than anything else. Despite what this article states, the US troops are going nowhere and have plans to stay there indefinitely, this has been in the Iraqi news for the past couple months now. It's Iraq.
  17. And now in English: Ardaúah Editor: AA | SZThursday, 11 August 2011 16:29 GMT<h5 style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;"></h5>Alsumaria News / Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, on Thursday, is not convinced the Council of strategic policies at a time when the state of the feminine, considering that the Council is the issue of Ardaúah and does not have any role in solutions that hinder the political process. Maliki said in an interview on satellite Sumerian through a program will be broadcast this evening, said that "an institution (Council policy strategy) will not be more than an advisory status is heading to the feminine state, I do not think it should be," asserting that "the lack of conviction of this board and especially with the atmosphere of a solution slack in the institutions of the state." Maliki said "As long as we had agreed on the Council there was no resolution between compatible to cancel, we will go in, but it meets the constitutional," adding that "this Council is the issue of Ardaúah and does not have any role in solutions that hinder the political process." Maliki said that "if there the seriousness of the sponsors of the Council away from other goals, also subject to contribute to and provide visions of economic and political that go to the constitutional institutions to be discussed in light of the realities found, "noting that" the benefit of this Council will not be the size of the problem raised him. " The MP for the coalition of state law Hossein Asadi threatened, earlier in the day (08/11/2011), by resorting to the Federal Court if the vote on the Council of strategic policies, and among some Iraqi MPs and the national and Kurdish coalitions argue that contrary to the Constitution of the Council, considered that the vote marks the end of democracy.also announced that the Kurdistan Alliance bloc, the House of Representatives voted in principle to the law of the Council policy strategy, while confirming that the political blocs, a condition not to oppose the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution. revealed a presidential source early in the interview for "Alsumaria News", on Wednesday (10 Aug.) , that the presidency of the Republic delivered a bill the Board of strategic policies to the Presidency of the parliament without the item on the mechanism of selection of the President of the Council and voting on it, saying that lifting the item came to give the flexibility of the political blocs to discuss it in Parliament, as pointed out that paragraph President of the Council may be added to the law after the termination of the first reading and agreed upon in Parliament. and got "Alsumaria News", a copy of the Law of the National Council of the Supreme policies submitted to the House of Representatives to approve legislation on the basis of the provisions of item (I) of Article (61) of the Constitution. Article III of the Act provides that the aim of establishing the Council is to contribute actively in solving the decade that hinder the political process in Iraq and the guidelines of the Supreme policies of the state, and to make recommendations and proposals on legislation and laws and on the reform of the judicial system in accordance with the constitutional contexts. It also includes terms of reference for the Council to provide proposals for legislation important laws in accordance with the constitutional contexts, and discuss the conventions and treaties strategy related to security, defense and the country's sovereignty and opinion, and make proposals to amend the laws in force and in particular of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council. The membership of the Council of the President of the Republic and his deputies, the Prime Minister and his deputies, the President of the Council of Representatives and his deputies, the President of the Kurdistan region, and the President Supreme Judicial Council, and two members of all the blocks to the four. It was a coalition of state law called the sixth of August, the current members of the House of Representatives to agree on the possibility of choosing the head of the Policy Board by a vote in parliament, while stressing that this paragraph in the law of the Council open the door to add another and holding a new policy, he noted that a large number of consensus on other items in the Council because it is formulated according to the agreements of Erbil, while confirming the Iraqi List, can block the establishment of the strategic policies the Supreme through the sink in the details of complex loss and destruction of the democratic system in Iraq and being alone with a power similar to a speech the former dictatorial regime, while noting that the game complexity through the details become exposed intentions, pointed out that the bet to play to ensure the phantom power but plays for a loss only. It was agreed that leaders of political blocs, the second of August now, during the meeting held at the home of President Jalal Talabani, to be the passage of the National Council for the policies of the Supreme, which is expected to be headed by the Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi, in parliament after the submission by the President of the Republic.<br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;"><br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;"><br style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px;">
  18. Maliki speaks to Alsumaria News LINK:
  19. You are just another example of the deterioration of the morals in todays society. This is a shame.
  20. Just heard on the news 30mins ago on Fox News, Boehner tweeted this rumor was false. Boehner states there is no agreement, not even tenative.
  21. This is from the Wealth Daily site: (Sorry if this is a duplicate post) WORTH THE READ!! Go to this link: http://www.wealthdai...raqi-dinar/3145
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