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When posting in the news forum...

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1. Read what's already posted in the forum first so as to avoid double and triple posting the same information.

2. Read the story you are going to post BEFORE you post it.

3. Ask yourself if it is relevant to the interests of the members of this site. Do we care? Does it have anything to do with the Iraqi economy, the dinar, the state of security, the political process, etc??

4. Check the date of the story for timeliness.

5. ALWAYS include a hyperlink to the story so the validity of the information can be determined.

6. Do not post rumors in the news forum.

7. Make sure it is Iraqi/Dinar related news. ISX news goes under the ISX section.

8. Please choose a prefix, either Iraq news or Dinar news, whichever category it falls under.



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I'm sure that we are all tired of the, "I know a guy who has a friend that works in some bank and he says the the RV is very soon and it will be bigger than we thought" stuff.

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Every one should get together and tell adam to tell his cbi contact that we will not return our dinar if they lop as ,dv peeps we together hold a large amount of dinar .so if they want them back they should do whats rite ,!!!

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