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  1. BIGTANDME: I have not sold to Treasury Vault yet. I too have been swamped. If you want to explore a possible purchase, send me an email to: and I.D. yourself as BigTandMe Look forward to hearing from you. BamaJ
  2. Bigtandme, Treasury Vault just offered me $850 per million & I have 2.5 million. Let me know if we can work a deal.
  3. 4/5/21 Bigtandme, I can not get photo of note to attach because of size. you came send me a private message where to send?
  4. Thanks, I will try to locate them
  5. Any suggestion where to sell or exchange?
  6. All Uncirculated Notes purchased 10+ years ago from Dinar Trade with certificate of authenticity, for $3,000USD I have 100 of the 25,000 IQD notes Total 2,500,000 IQD
  7. 3/30/21 I need to sell some Iraqi Dinar. Does anyone have suggestions where in USA I can exchange or sell them? BamaJ
  8. The greatest flaw in the scenario is to think that any of them would go pay a debt in bad times. We know that in the USA if you have free money, you spend it on yourself, not to pay a responsible debt.
  9. bamaj


    Yabadabadooooooo. From the town of Bedrock to the town of Beverly Hills for a Hillbilly.
  10. So what is a true recession? I think I have lived through several but not sure.
  11. bamaj


    If it is 2 weeks away; I am down with that. If it happens in 2010 I will still be rather wealthy and able to retire securely. Let me know when it hits.
  12. ladonna: it is far from an investment, it is a speculation; a guess; a hunch. My hunch is with the reval and if it wasn't, I would not have purchased the amount I did.
  13. Even if it revals to .01 USD then we are all better off financially; unless you have already counted your chickens before the egg hatched.
  14. There is a reason it is termed a speculation. There is nothing for sure. I appears that there is global support but that is what W thought prior to election.
  15. Everyday I notice the price of fuel increasing at my local station, I just remember how soon my speculation might hit and how I won't care much after it hits.
  16. Aaron - if yu are gauranteeing my $2.34 per dinar, I will trade you one of my million tonight.
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