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Dinar News Notice of Cacellation on FedX Shipment

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Yes I know, when I saw this in my Email, I paniced. I had ordered some more from DT you know after I said I wouldn't.

I want to help people after the RV, but I think it's possibly just greed. Any way I thought it might be getting ready to RV and

they stopped my shipment for today. I called DT and the nice lady told me that FedX made a mistake on the tracking number

and issued a new one and I would still get my delivery today. I told her I thought it might have RVed and they stopped the

shipment. She assured me that if you receive an email confirmation of your purchase that it is legal and binding and you will

receive your dinar even if it RV's during that time or during shipping. I thouht this might help some who still have this question.

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Got some this morning without a hitch from them. I notice if you order a big order from them they send by FEDEX a mill or under it comes UPS to us here on TX. great dealer will probably cash in with him also not professionally pumping him just speaking from experience

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I have also used dinar trade and I received everything they said I would as they said I would. Since then, I've referred people to them to use because I knew the site could be trusted. Funny how when you look up dinar scam, it says that the scam involves buying counterfeit dinars and not actual scam on the RV itself.

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