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  1. I can no longer enter chat..It says something about must have java...and I do...and had been on just the day before....not sure what goes on with this chat site..Oh well maybe it will Rv soon and I won't need
  2. Really good post...thanks for putting this out there, alot of people will loose there windfall fast..I think everyone should read this atleast twice and take all of it to heart...I hope that we all enjoy our newfound wealth for a long time.
  3. Yes I know this from many other times I have ordered thinking it was already happening...But you will still recieve your order if you placed it before the rv...They still have to ship it..
  4. It does not sound accurate, but I feel they will not lop...that being said maybe they will be I know I will be, if this ever RVS....
  5. We can only guess at the rate and date...within reason.....I pray it is soon
  6. I don't really think any of those people are wrong or giving false info...I do believe that its just a case of lack of knowledge on RV...They are not going to leak a date or rate...this is all just a guessing game...eliminating all avenues and trying to make an reasonable guess as to when and $$..It will be a miracle if someone gets it all right (date and rate)..
  7. Good thoughts...I have always believed that it would have to rv over at least $1- $1.50 to mean anything if its any lower will it even help Iraq...So with that Im thinking $2- $3.....
  8. hello all here on dinarvets....I have been on a couple of sites for about 3.5 yrs of this investment. Although I have only been on dinarvets for about 2 mths...It seems to have alot of good people with alot of good information, and some who might be considered a place for all... I thank you for letting me be a part of your site and may we all be blessed with a RV soon.. thank you L. Burns
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