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  1. TK has been taking the piss for well over a year now. I remember him saying it would 100% happen by Christmas '09. He's shameless....
  2. I appreciate people who are actually over there and can see with their own eyes what is and isn't going on. However, I don't believe everyone who is over there is privy to inside information and can be just as in the dark as most of us.
  3. I am very grateful that my husband and I are in this together and on the same page where the dinar is concerned. We get frustrated at the dates that have come and gone but we also help keep the other grounded while waited for this to of luck to you!
  4. I would just like to say that I think the positive people on this site far outnumber the negative people - so let's focus on those members that bring us hope and optimism! Thanks Check, Viper, Steve, Ed, Knights,Scooter, and Adam, of course! Forgive me if I left anyone out....
  5. gb2008

    The event

    your scenario would be fine with me!
  6. I'm much more excited by rumors when the posting member has been here a while (prior to 2010). Thanks for the post!!
  7. this should be posted in off topics
  8. take a break mrref and stop yelling at everybody - and please don't tell me you've been in this 7 years - we know! Sounds like you are slightly bitter.....relax....
  9. we're going to hold you to it Ed!
  10. this made me literally LOL!
  11. why do you do this? just going for the record?
  12. tax, tithe, savings, pay off debt, more investments and lots of fun stuff!!!
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