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  1. It also says: 1 VND = 0.05 USD sorry if this was already posted
  2. IF you can get the page to load, you can track the satellite here
  3. They say not to worry, because the chances of being hit is 1 in 3200 1 in 3200? Really? Let's do the math on that. Out of 350,000,000 Americans only 109,375 people will be hit? Or, out of 6.5 Billion people on earth only 2,031,250 people will be hit? I don't understand their odds
  4. that's older then when my great great great grandma fell off her dinosaur and broke her wooden underwear
  5. no traces of Photoshop to me.. pixelation seems to be concurrent.. see attached
  6. This happened a month ago as well
  7. Horrible grammar in that article @
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