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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!


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I appreciate how well written your essay is. It is interesting to note how the majority on this board have shown themselves to be quite impatient with what is a bit of a "gamble" type investment in the first place. The phrase "counting your chickens before they hatch" comes to mind. Seems like a lot of chickens were counted the day that each individual's dinars arrived by FEDEX.

Deenar sums it up bluntly yet succincly below: I appreciate this Deenar. Thanks.

I for one was not sold any hope. I researched and invested. I'm sorry so many here feel they were pumped. If you feel that way, sell your dinars and chalk it up to experience. If you've had your dinars for more than 3 years, you will make a little profit. If not, you will still get the majority of your money back. I'm sorry but I just can't seem to work up any tears for you quitters. If you are selling off because of hardship, that's a different story.

As to your observation, Legolas, that most people bought this (and most things) based on hope. That may be true, but that is the responsibility that each individual must bear. I perceive your original post as 'venting'. This can be the place for that.

What is interesting to me is to observe how perception of investors changes over time. I can see that yours, Legolas, has changed in spite of the fact that the fundamentals of the investment have not. Unlike most investments, this one never had a prospectus or business plan. It always has been a gamble. Please don't gamble what you cannot afford to lose.


I believe in the RV; I don't believe in the cult.

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Legolas I think the basis of Kuwait and Iraq being apples and oranges cannot be held true do to one simple fact. Both of these countries are big players in the world of oil. Yes you can say there circumstances were different but you know what ,when you squeeze an orange you dont get apple juice and when you squeeze an apple you dont get OJ. When you squeeze Kuwait what do you get "oil". When you squeeze Iraq what do you get "oil". I think its more like having a ripened orange and a "green" orange. Unless oil is lost to the world as a major energy source this country has no choice no matter who owns it to become a major player and a wealthy one at that. I have said all along that Iraq was similar to America after the civil war and it took America years to recover and there was one major difference, we already had democracy, they have a joke for it but somewhere along the line someone is going to take control over there and that country will be sitting pretty. How long , who knows,obviously even they dont. They have their head so far up their &$@ that they need a peephole in their belly button just to see daylight <_< . But interestingly enough with 2 major wars, a new government which at times was no government and a completely bombed out infrastructure they have managed since its reintroduction to more than double the value of their currency,hell we are stable, one of the richest countries in the world and now we have countries that don't even want to do business with the dollar. I think considering all of that the dinar has fared pretty well. I have bought all I want to buy for myself and would be happy if it came in at a penny but there is one thing I would like to stress here, I have yet to hear of anybody who expressed that they were forced to buy the dinar. whether it goes up or down I am solely and totally responsible for this investment as I am for all of my life. Nobody else ,not a pumper not my mom or dad or event the Good Lord made me do it and no matter who threw the "hope" out there I made the decision and I live with it. I hope all of you do as well because I suspect if we all did America wouldn't be in the spot its in right now. Its time to quit blaming others and realize we did it to ourselves

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I'm encouraged to see that you have a +25 for this post. Not long ago you would have had a -50. I think many of us are becoming more realistic with this investment. It concerns me when I see the majority believing in every Monday. This is entertainment for me, pure and simple. I still hope in the possibilities of this investment, but like everyone else (if they were honest), I would be pleasantly shocked if I made any big money.

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In the real world, virtually every product is essentially sold on "hope," from Sham Wows to investment portfolios, and it's blatantly obvious that he who does the best "advertising" wins. He who does the best job of being the most convincing gets the sale......from Snake Oil to Cadillacs. That may be unfortunate in many cases, but it's also the reality. The dinar investment is no different. I guarantee you that the largest percentage of investors jumped on board due to the advertising (aka: RUMORS) of the fact that RV was imminent, and they were going to make a huge return on their money. Some have in fact "since" that time done extensive research and become well informed on the subject, but very few did that research ahead of time. You may be the exception, but as is the case with most products, most people do buy on hope, and the dinar is a classic example. And now we continue to hope. ;)

Personally, I researched information for about 3 and a half months before I spent a dime out of my pocket. This was last year and they just had their real meaningful Democratic election and of coarse we all know that Allawii won 91 votes over Malliki's 89. At this point, I realized that the process is really moving forward. There are way too many "POWERS TO BE" to be involved for the RV not to happen. Iraq set a new world record for the longest it has EVER taken a country's government to complete their Government. IMO, We all will be blessed and need to look at ourselves and soak in the blessing and be joyous and HELP others that need help!!! I have both hard currency and reserves and BELIEVE in this investment. IMO, it has too pay off soon.

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Having been "in this" since early 2004 I must respond that back then there was little to no information flowing as there is today. It was all merely an investment based on HOPE and what we saw happen with KUWAIT. The fact that there was large quantities of oil involved was a major driver in the decision as well. I also admit that until this year I put my Dinar in the proverbial "sock drawer" and didn't even think about it or read up on current events. It was only until a friend and fellow investor asked me about the current standing that I began researching and found all these sites that used to be non-existent.

Since I have been in it longer than most does that mean I know more than anyone else: NOPE. Do I believe this will eventually pan out: YES. I could already make over 100% profit versus what I spent. So what. I'm in this for the long haul. However, I understand where Legolas is coming from. The constant promise and speculation of RV from invalid, if any, sources has caused many an emotional roller coaster ride. I have simply learned to ignore it.

It does leave me to question this though: If everyone were to simply QUIT purchasing Dinar, and quit encouraging others to purchase, what effect if any would this cause? We have plainly seen when gas prices get too high Americans cut back severely on travel, buy more efficient vehicles, or find alternative travel means. This in turn causes the powers that be to make changes that brings the price down to a more reasonable level. Would the 'cease and desist" on Dinar purchase cause a slowing of the capital coming into Iraq? Would that in turn cause the GOI or CBI to make a change? I simply don't know, but I'd love to find out. So I would simply encourage a moratorium on Dinar purchase, as well as stop asking publicly about it i.e. at the banks. Basically generate no more interest in the subject and see what happens. Anyone?

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