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  1. Thanks for your post , welcome back and I agree. Had a friend of mine the other day tell me of a plan to boycot exxon mobile as they are the biggest oil company. Hit em where it hurts like they do to us , right in the wallet.Maybe if we could bring them down a notch or two all of these other companies would sit up, including the banks and take notice. Dont buy their gas or oil. If one of us does it no big deal, 100 still no big deal 100,000 yup they will at least glance, 1,000,000 which means they would lose approx 75,000$ per week they will definitely start to rethink this gouging for dollars game they have going JMO. Its not an answer but it is a place to start
  2. AHHHHH our weekly scam thread, I was just about to go into DT"S :lol: :lol: If I passed away tomorrow I would call it a scam, only because I didnt live long enough to see the rv
  3. I think the main problem really is intent. In other words what is the intent of someones reply to a thread. I watched a thread started by Legolas in which every reply was respectful and frankly there was a lot of disagreement over his thread. Yes some people are battle worn over this but remember, you can always step away from the computer. I suspect the bashers will still be bashers of something even after an rv because thats what they are. Just as the pumpers will be pumpers just on another topic.The mods really do give people a lot of leeway and I'm not saying that in a negative way but every one needs to remember, these people have the thankless job of trying to decipher what is appropriate and what isn't and yet let people have their opinions. I think the point is You can disagree without getting personal and thats the gist of it. Too many times it seems that someone just wants to take a shot another, most of those people are miserable and they cant stand themselves so they have to give their pain and anger to another person so they can feel better about themselves. About the only thing you can do is forgive and throw a little humor on the situation. I sometimes think some people start rumors just to get a rise out of the bashers kind of like trout fishing, get them to rise and take the bait :lol: Enjoy your life , its not a rehearsel
  4. ground hog day ban the dinar has rvd approximately 472 times according to various sources on this and other sites,however nobody informed the iraqis of the rv so we are still in the same spot we were SOMEBODY TELL EM TO PUSH THE $%@# RV BUTTON :lol: :lol:
  5. Thanks for that bit of info butkus and Im old enough to remember who butkus was ,watched him play , hit so hard i sometimes thought he was going to knock the numbers off the jerseys.Set the standard for middle linebackers. I didnt realize America went through that . Ive often thought iraq was similar to america after the civil war but maybe I will re think that they might have been more like the colonies. Good post
  6. AHA!!!!! after reading some of the posts now i know why were all in trouble!!!!!!. Thats what I like about DV . not only do we shoot the messenger we shoot the dog the cat (pardon me smee, nothing intended) the message and we not only throw them under the bus we drive it as well. Thanks Vanessa for your post,Its RUMORS as in may or may not be real :lol: :lol: I can see it now Adam will have to start a true and a false rumor section "oh we cant post in there thats the true rumor section lets go to the false rumor section". DV will have such a great rep they will call us the french foriegn legion of dinar sites.Any wandering rumor will be mowed down with the ferocity of a tiger attack. Bring us a rumor and we will make you do a fifty mile hike in full battle gear after a high colonic :blink: :lol:
  7. Yes I would agree he just took too much heat, kind of similar to what pourit endured recently over a date prediction. He had no hidden agenda that was obvious , at least to me. Why would a professional golfer need an agenda on a dinar site.He was trying to help because despite what some of you think there are people out there that actually like humans, i wonder why occasionlly but as I learned myself dont cast your pearls ......... you know the rest
  8. I forgot about Jack be nimble!!!!!!!!!! good catch gesing there is always the ever elusive and rare jack a lope who was recently spotted playing black jack while sippin on a bottle of jacK , I know what your thinkin WHOA DUDE LAY OFF THE HEAVY MEDS!!!! NOPE ,NOT GONNA DO IT , I LIKE MY HALLUCINATIONS THEY DO EXACTLY AS I TELL THEM.
  9. Good question cg , my own personal opinion is that they will rv when their resources are available. Yes they have billions of gallons of oil but its still underground. Its like havin millions of $ buried under say......the polar ice pack. Ya it's there but about worthless till you get it out. They cant even get many of their own people electricity and basic services even with american help.I have to agree with caddie man BUT, I still have no doubt that a major shift will take place in their currency I just dont think Iraq could support it right now. Unfortunately what may be our " saving grace " is the rapidly declining USD in which case owning any foriegn currency would be better and I would comment on that but I as well as millions of others have no idea what it might do if the USD bottoms out except a whole lot of trouble for the good ol USA. Also they seem to have finger pointing syndrome. Diagnosed by symptoms of people standing around doing nothing constructive but pointing fingers at others while their world falls apart around them. Seems to be a troublesome syndrome that is running rampant throught the ME. All JMO
  10. Mr Rich, all this time I thought you were shootin straight and come to find out you only have 2 jobs?!! I am truly disappointed!! Cmon man, we have to support the rest of the world , what, did you have a temporary loss of sanity and responsibility. More than likely we need to 1)outsource your current job(s) 2)give you a pay cut3) raise your taxes 4) increase your gas prices a dime a day for the next year then, and only then will you come to appreciate your "American dream". Sheesh i am truly disappointed in you man :lol: :lol: J/K always appreciate your posts and pourit, dont worry Iraq hasn't gone anywhere we can start a new date any time. had a lot of replies though. keep you chin up
  11. Actually junkie you need to be more specific. I do know jack, nicklaus, nichelson, kennedy ,johnson,o-lantern,kemp,ruby,knife,car jack, hi-jack and I know a couple of jack$#&@* so really dude what is it you would like to know about one of them :lol: I think the gist of it is that you gave the appearance of labeling all people on here as stupid and or ignorant well, i guess we are the company we keep so if thats the case welcome to our humble abode
  12. personally I believe it has to do with nothing more than the unrest that has been occurring. Curfews make it easier to control people for sure just seems like if you had an rv people would be less likely to need to be controlled, why would wealthy people want to riot and tear up everything after getting things going their way
  13. Legolas I think the basis of Kuwait and Iraq being apples and oranges cannot be held true do to one simple fact. Both of these countries are big players in the world of oil. Yes you can say there circumstances were different but you know what ,when you squeeze an orange you dont get apple juice and when you squeeze an apple you dont get OJ. When you squeeze Kuwait what do you get "oil". When you squeeze Iraq what do you get "oil". I think its more like having a ripened orange and a "green" orange. Unless oil is lost to the world as a major energy source this country has no choice no matter who owns it to become a major player and a wealthy one at that. I have said all along that Iraq was similar to America after the civil war and it took America years to recover and there was one major difference, we already had democracy, they have a joke for it but somewhere along the line someone is going to take control over there and that country will be sitting pretty. How long , who knows,obviously even they dont. They have their head so far up their &$@ that they need a peephole in their belly button just to see daylight . But interestingly enough with 2 major wars, a new government which at times was no government and a completely bombed out infrastructure they have managed since its reintroduction to more than double the value of their currency,hell we are stable, one of the richest countries in the world and now we have countries that don't even want to do business with the dollar. I think considering all of that the dinar has fared pretty well. I have bought all I want to buy for myself and would be happy if it came in at a penny but there is one thing I would like to stress here, I have yet to hear of anybody who expressed that they were forced to buy the dinar. whether it goes up or down I am solely and totally responsible for this investment as I am for all of my life. Nobody else ,not a pumper not my mom or dad or event the Good Lord made me do it and no matter who threw the "hope" out there I made the decision and I live with it. I hope all of you do as well because I suspect if we all did America wouldn't be in the spot its in right now. Its time to quit blaming others and realize we did it to ourselves
  14. I guess the question is why do you require of us to write out an entire set of facts and data when you say it's too time consuming for you to do so. I mean really if you want an entire fiscal report on the Dinar from us then you should be willing to give us all of your facts which you state is too long to do. No bashing just being realistic. The fact of it is the Dinar has until the gulf war always fared well against the USD so once Iraq is back on it's feet it should do so again. Iraq could pay for the entire gulf war with just 1/8 of their oil reserves. An entire war paid for and they barely touch their reserves and in case you havent noticed gas prices are going up so fast that i actually seen them change twice in one day at the same station(24 hr period) . Another mistake is to think Iraqs only resource is oil, you can take time to look those up if you wish. You threw one thing out there and based all of your thought on that and then expect us to look it up. In reality you give the appearance of not having done much research. If you want people to refute your "evidence" then give us some to start with
  15. BanG we do not shoot , stone or burn people on DV our preferred method is is to make them eat chocolate loaded with ex-lax and lock the bathroom door so they cant get in, surpriingly effective, leaves the offender feelin kinda crappy if you know what i mean and one treatment seems to cure them of all further desires to spread false rumors :lol: :lol: we look forward to further posts from you my good man, thanks for your effort
  16. Actually Tim as I understand it the Enquirer was the most accurate of all of the news papers in the reporting of the OJ Simpson murder trial so it may not be a bad place to look
  17. How can you call an investment where you can turn around and get most all of your money back at any time a scam? How can you even call it high risk? Do we need to go through this scam thing again? It is a gamble and probably the first calculated one I took in my life :lol: . Will it pay off,? who knows. Did you think 3 months ago the middle east would be where it is today? All these people were saying oh this will happen and that will happen and Iraq will be the glowing jewel of the world. But can anyone honestly look back and say , oh ya I seen this coming from a long way off. All you have to go on is history and history shows that in the past Iraqs currency fared well against others including the USD and it probably will in the future. If someone will risk that amount of money on one investment then they were gonna lose it anyway to something or someone else. I can say that because i did it. Now let me tell you about a real scam, and strangely enough the saying was "invest in real estate, you cant lose". How many times have you heard scam associated with the housing market, probably way less than you have heard about the dinar but people lost their whole worlds in real estate but because it was accepted as the "norm" in investing everyone says "oh, its just bad times" no a lot of people pulled a lot of shady things in real estate. since its reintroduction the dinar has went from 4000per USD to 1150 per USD in a wreck of a country. How many brokers in major financial companies were part of and privy to all of the shady dealings that occurred in our financial system brining our economy to its knees, the greedy %$&^#$%^ alright some one else can have the soapbox i feel better now
  18. You might want to go back in there and ask her a simple question. Just say maam since the dinar is nearly a worthless currency in order for it to support terrorism they would have to carry it literally by the truckloads. Now saying that and knowing that there are many more currencies that are just as accessible why would any one use a worthless currency to support a war of any kind? Then just turn around and walk away, no need to say anything else
  19. Since you said " you have no friends in this invesment" and you also said "research,research" did you research every DV member to see if they had no friends in this invesment? And since you obviously did research you know that you my friend, were talking about pumpers, not bashers. FYI pumpers are people that want you to buy more, bashers are people that slam your threads, just helping your long line of research you did, anything to be of service to my fellow DV member.I agree you checked your ego ,right before you let him step up and start this thread. He's completely healthy and in full control of your life, I know I researched it for you :lol:
  20. Remember the golden rule? He who has the gold ,rules. In this case black gold whatever is happening over there you can bet those with their hands in the cookie jar arent going to just take it out and say "ok, its yours take it all" . No bashing legolas but things change all of the time and IMO to put a "this is it or else" theme on a situation that is inherently unstable and has been that way for hundreds if not thousands of years is just too hard to do.Realistically those people have been fighting so long that it has become a normal state for them. They have become like well trained retrievers, throw a stick, dead bird or a stick of lit dynamite and they will retrieve it, why? because they are trained to do that,its all they know so they keep doing it. When was the last time you heard on the news "the middle east is now in a state of peace". Im no expert but i dont see anything going on but the norm just in a different way. Good post though, appreciate it.
  21. METRIOUS! You obviously need to get your info straight if you are going to start a rumor. We do not shoot ,fry or stone people on dinarvets we draw and quarter them sheesh get with the program man! :lol: METRIOUS! You obviously need to get your info straight if you are going to start a rumor. We do not shoot ,fry or stone people on dinarvets we draw and quarter them sheesh get with the program man! :lol:
  22. Hey Harry must have been hungry when you did one of your responses, I've never seen a supper glide :lol: :lol: just teasin ya
  23. Thanks for the post ,, someone posted the other day the question as to whether or not the wall street pros had invested in the iqd , it was asked in a way as to infer that they were in the know and would be the ones to follow .the only response I could think of was werent they the ones that got us into this mess why would we want to follow them? Just my thoughts
  24. Thanks dawg good post and I believe your right , every author I have ever read that had great things in their life said one of the top if not the number one factor for their success and happiness was gratitude. I found something from this site that has changed my life forever and strangely it had nothing to do with this site or this investment yet it has changed me so much that I get up almost every day with gratitude. I know, what is it? well this is dinar vets and the discussions on here are about the rv and that is where I will leave it out of respect for Adam and his crew. seek weed hopper and you shall discover. My life is great today and yet I dont have near the things Ive had before. if you want to try something then try writing a hundred things you are grateful for, a hundred doesnt seem like much but its harder than you think. 1. good health 2. a roof over my head and so on you will find the smallest of things you took for granted now take on a new value. I once heard a lady say ,want a new job? get gratitude for the one you have now and ask for a new one , you will be surprised at how quick the new one will come once you have the gratitude. Have a good day vets
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