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Hello people new to the forum,the other week while surfing You Tube I saw some clips of the guy raving about the dinar and promoting it, than a week later

he's telling everyone to stay away any takes or info on this ??


Have you looked at JIDT Co Ad that usually comes up at the top of the forum or chat boards? Has a big cow on it that says: "Buy Dinar today and Milk the Cow Tomorrow." Funny Ad but itort of threw me for a loop!

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I posted earlier on the chat log board(mistakenly). Title is ali on cnbc. As I replied

on that same thread I brought up what you're referring to. Its jack deangelis and he's done

an about face. Somebody replied to you that "jack is a joke". I hope so, but he wasn't

a joke when he supported what we all believe in. The real question is why the change?

Its odd that he refers to "redoing the money" as THE thing that will do us all in. He added to my

skepticism of ali and the exchange process as well. Don't get me wrong, anything over a quarter

will put me on a plane to iraq.

He does bring to light some opposing viewpoints. As much merit as i've given all posters

on this site compels me to want some valid debunking of his new position. I don't think

he just suddenly said to himself "nah, to good to be true!" He was always on board until suddenly.

Special thanks to keepmwlknfunny. Like you posts and would like your thoughts on this. I agree

this is all about the iraqi people and they don't care what happens to us. So, if we get left in the cold

who cares. We're foreign speculators with currency that may be hard to exchange outside of iraq.

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