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  1. If you believe the only people going through this act or dress a certain way, refer to the last sentence in my previous post.
  2. From the looks of what I just read, the president didn't say anyone was racist. He only made mention of the truly uncomfortable experience of doors being locked suddenly when a black man crosses a street. Also (and this one is classic) being followed through a store simply because youre black. For the record ,Iam a black man with no criminal history , non-threatening and mild mannered and yet I can recall countless times I was treated this way. For those of you that see nothing wrong with racial stereotypes in this contry, understand that it is a CANCER AND GLARING WEAKNESS OF DIVISON IN A NA
  3. Tell me seetrader, when are you going to stop insulting other peoples opinion and grow up.If you dont like PD .....stay out of PD.
  4. Same here.Randalin,could you explain what you mean?
  5. Steve made certain enemies out of banned people, and some gurus by calling them clowns and idiots. You dont think its possible that these said enemies could have called these banks knowing it would tick him off? I just dont think that was pretty intelligent either.
  6. How about investing in some manners. Could do wonders for your delivery ....DM
  7. And out of those you mentioned, which is correct everytime? None Iam sure. But if med was as bad as you claim.......then you woulnt be on this post,would you? Take ALL INTEL with a grain of salt and keep it moving.
  8. 85%--15th........96.6%----by the weekend!!!!
  9. Does this mean that the budget that we've been waiting for has been approved ? Just like that?
  10. Enorrste is either trippin...and Iam talking 60's daisy age trippin , or he's trying to copy Frank's style of delivery. If its the latter, be yourself, E. I understand the message but....sigh. You know what I mean........
  11. Okie has sipped on the egg nog a little early..thats all..l ol
  12. Thats pure BS. AC was the negative one that said we were NOWHERE close to having a goverment mere days before the reports said otherwise on fox,abc, etc. AC be negative and have us all subscribe to hie precious ''newsletter''. In short...he's a negative nobody with no real intel. I've got some intel on where he can stick his negativity.....but i'll keep it RESPECT FUL
  13. Although sometimes I dont approve of the way Med talks to people with that nasty attitude of his...I gotta say THIS ONE WAS SPOT ON
  14. This is just my speculation, so if Iam wrong then tell me why and dont blast me for it. But, the only way I can see Iraq getting away with a rate of .86 is if they put a lock on buying the dinar while the process of getting back all the bills with 000's take place. That way big investors cant go on a spending frenzy and hurt the plan. Any thoughts on this idea would be appreciated.
  15. Not trying to start a debate with you, but it was stated as early as last week or so that the removal of chapter 7 was one of the few things needed in order to have a rv. It was either sonny1 or viper that said it ,so this article doesnt dissapoint me in the least. Keep your head up ,Officer151, the end of the tunnel IMO is in sig ht.
  16. A few more posts like this one and Iam flippin out!
  17. CRICKETS.......................................... ...
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