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What do you do with $16,000,000 of foreign currency

Charlie Echo

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After I had told these people not to get involved with the fiat money scams, they collectively purchased $16 million of different foreign currency.   Since then they have received the jab, died and left this to me... It's like US Stamps (which I was also was given) in the amount of ~$5000.  No one wants to purchase any of it.  IQD is $1,000,000 of the currency.  We have been played since we were born... it's just paper and someone made out like a bandit.. think I'll use it as wall paper... Anyone need some FTX paper, it's digital but the democrats used it to buy elections.. stolen, zero balance.. Only thing in life worth having is the love from someone or Jesus.  Can I get an Amen?? If not eternity is a long time without him.. 

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