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Joe Biden Wins Georgia, Per AP Call, Following State's Release Of Hand Recount

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50 minutes ago, ladyGrace'sDaddy said:

We are at war people 


20 minutes ago, Pitcher said:

I agree 100% with that statement LGD


:twothumbs: YES, Indeed!!!, LadyGrace'sDaddy AND Pitcher, AND ALL The Very Best!!! :tiphat:






THEE Snowflake And Buttercup Idiot Brigade Volunteer Forces "keyboard" "combatants" HAVE BEEN Assualting (insulting, too) The United States Of America Patriots HERE AND ELSEWHERE PROLIFICALLY AND EXTENSIVELY!!!


:facepalm3:   :facepalm3:   :facepalm3:


 :shakehead:     :shakehead:     :shakehead:

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No shame, I’m calling you out because you constantly brush off anything that doesn’t fit your Lefty narrative as a Right Wing Conspiracy.  Someone barks at you and you start whining about rule violati

So now you're the Governor of Georgia and are certifying the vote before all legal action is settled   You should know Governor, that is illegal.   

Every single time that you make this statement I'm going to call you out for the deceitful deception that you're sending out.  Counting over 800,000 ballots in a county with only 500,000 voters i

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